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  • In "The Rise of the Blue Beetle!", Jaime was stripped to his underwear and being tortured by Kanjar Ro.
  • In nearly every episode, but taken to the extreme level in "Night of the Huntress!" Jaimie and Paco talk about how they have a thing for bad girls, Jamie spends almost the whole episode drooling over Huntress, and when her, Jamie and Batman are trapped inside a deathtrap, tied up together and need to escape, Huntress apparently copes a feel on Batman while trying to reach their gadgets. When Batman calls her out on it, we see her smirk, implying she did it on purpose.
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  • "Menace Of The Conqueror Cavemen!": Kr'ull seems to have an...interesting reaction to turning his girlfriend into a cavewoman.
  • In the cold open for "Inside the Outsiders": every single line of dialogue between Batman and Catwoman. While Green Arrow really doesn't appreciate Batman taking the time for some flirtatious Casual Danger Dialogue while they're trapped, their final exchange pushes it into this territory.
    Catwoman: Aww, always trying to declaw me, Batman. Which is why I must clip your wings... permanently.
    Batman: Not if I collar you first. (Smirks at Catwoman)
    • At the end of that episode, it isn't said what "happy thoughts" Batman used to defeat Psycho Pirate, but given the way said cold open ended...
  • In "Aquaman's Outrageous Adventure!:"
    Blue Beetle (regarding Planetmaster): You really don't wanna see the power of Uranus.
  • Wonder what the Birds of Prey would sound like doing a swing number about the sexual inadequacies of DC's superheroes (except Superman), while implying that Batman outdoes them all? Behold!
    • This actually didn't get past the radar, to an extent. The episode has never aired on US television, the bit with Huntress using an index finger wag in reference to Aquaman's "little fish" was replaced with a scene of a giant fish tank behind her and Black Canary after the initial airing (her index finger wag is still intact when she talks about Green Arrow, however), and the episode wasn't released with the rest of the season two DVDs (but was released with season three).
      • But other countries such as Australia left the episode unedited.
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    • And then there's the other reason the episode didn't air: Batman gets gunned down by mobsters. Several times. With realistic guns. Of course he gets better, but still...
  • There's also a scene at one point where flipping through channels eventually yields "...It's called 'The Aristocrats!'"
  • "Clash of the Metal Men!" has Platinum turning into a chair for Batman with her face being the seat. Not to mention her common Double Entendres.
    Just stick me into your data port!
  • Episode 12 of Season 2 brings us this:
    Detective Chimp: Well, hello there. I don't believe we've had the pleasure. I'm Chimp. Detective Chimp.
    Vixen: B'wany, combine him with something, so we can escape.
    Detective Chimp: I'd rather he combine you and I, my dear. We'd make quite the couple, don't you think?
  • "A Bat Divided!"'s Slacker!Batman is very reminiscent of a stoner. He even claims a case of the munchies!
  • "The Criss-Cross Conspiracy" has to be the gayest Batman story ever, due in part to its aversion to Voices Are Mental. Among other things:
    • It gives us this little gem when Batman switched bodies with Batwoman and tries to free himself from being tied to a chair. He miscalculates and falls over chair and all.
      Batman: "Apparently, my center of gravity is now much... *throws glance at his/her chest* ... higher."
    • Batwoman (in Batman's body) checks out Nightwing! Then she asks him if his cape "made him look fat!"
    • Batman (in Batwoman's body) has to flirt with Felix Faust to get his help.
    • The Riddler has Batman's body tied up and about to be dumped into a vat of acid, at which point Batman (in Batwoman's body) shows up.
    Batman: "Sorry, Riddler, but I've grown rather attached to that anatomy!"
    Riddler: "Well I hope you like it hard! Boiled!"
    • And in the end, upon finding the truth about that, Faust just says, "Well, nobody's perfect!"
    • In the cold opening, that object Atom's holding looks an awful lot like a nipple piercing.
  • "Darkseid Descending!" has Fire's very curvy powered up form from the comics (which oddly is less censored than her JLU version).
    • Speaking of Fire, we also get this little bit about her costume...
      Fire (to Ice): Is this outfit too short for world-saving?
      Blue Beetle (fiddling with a digital camera): Ya know, I question if it's short enough.
  • Jimmy Olsen nearly called Superman a dick in "Battle of the Superheroes!":
    Jimmy Olsen: Superman's turned into a real di-
    Lois Lane: -fferent person!
  • This exchange in "Time Out for Vengeance!"
    Green Lantern/Guy Gardner: So, Ice, you tired of that romance novel yet? I prefer a story with a little more... action in it.
    Ice: Oh, there is plenty of that in here, believe me.
    • And from the same episode, the Cave-Batman checks Ice out and asks her to be his mate.
  • The cold open of "Scorn of the Star Sapphire!". Wonder Woman is bulldozing her way through an army of mooks to rescue both Batman and Steve Trevor, and Steve looks a little too excited to watch Wondy kicking ass...
  • Starting about a minute in "Death Trap", I know Black Canary's saying "steamin'", but with the, erm, "spraying" imagery it sure sounds like something else...
  • In "The Last Patrol" there are posters for all the members of the Doom Patrol at the circus, including one of Rhea. Who is not wearing any clothes. The shot even opens on her. What.
    • Also, Robotman's not-at-all subtle Death Seeker tendencies.
  • The Flash (Jay Garrick) keeps running to the bathroom in "Crisis 22,300 Miles Above Earth!"...he seems to have prostate issues.
  • One of the openings features Batman and Dr. Will Magnus going undercover. Batman of course goes at Matchsticks Mallone, while Dr. Magnus goes as... a pimp.
  • Vampire!Batman telling the team - while leering at Ice - that he needs them "in ways they can't imagine". Cue Fire scowling at him.

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