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  • Steele's remark to Balto in the beginning.
    Steele: Hey Balto, I have a message for your mother..." *cue chorus of suggestive howling much to Balto's chagrin*
  • When Nikki, Kaltag, and Star are talking to one another about how they really feel about Steele, Nikki starts to call him a "son of a-" before being cut off by Star. And yes, they are dogs so he'd not be lying.
  • In the third movie, Stella generates a lot of this.
    Boris: You cannot see I'm taking personal bath here?
    Stella: You bet your little patootie, honey! But I figure two in a bath is a whole lot more fun than one.
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  • This one isn't so much getting crap past the radar as smacking the radar in the face:
    Sylvie: " [Jenna] was seen in the boiler room the other night with Balto, and they went in together and they left together. And I heard it from a very reliable source, so don't bother to deny it."
    Jenna: "Well, then I won't."
  • The second film has this near the start:
    Boris: Stork? What stork!? I thought we were talking about raven. (beat) Oh, boy...that stork... I'M COMING BALTO!
  • Steele nonchalantly walking over Dixi, with her face going right into his crotch! She's understandably hot and bothered afterwards.
  • When Balto helps Jenna break into the boiler room, Jenna stares at Balto’s paw and remarks “Balto!” in a tone of voice that makes her seem very, um, impressed. Embarrassed, Balto plays this off by stating that “big paws” run in his family.
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  • The first time Steele comes onto Jenna, he offers to show her "where the bones are buried." Jenna understandably declines, stating that she's "lost [her] appetite." Steele counters that perhaps her "taste gears more toward wolf." Jenna is understandably put off by this suggestion.
  • Dixie pretty clearly has an Immodest Orgasm and melts into a puddle at the sound of Steele's husky greeting of "Ladies" to her.
  • At one point, Steele (again) comes onto Jenna by offering her sausage links, suggesting she start at one end and he'll start at the other, "and when we get to the middle," he clearly shakes and grins lecherously with excitement. Jenna rebukes this advance by stating that she prefers her meat... cooked... right before tricking him into backing into a burning stove, which does indeed cook the un-neutered male's... ugh... meat.

Alternative Title(s): Balto II Wolf Quest, Balto III Wings Of Change


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