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Radar / Avatar: The Last Airbender

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Sokka, fifteen and Ready for Lovemaking.

With all of its questionable content and violence, Avatar: The Last Airbender is sure to have a lot of moments where the censors weren't guarding their posts.

  • In "The Fortuneteller", Aang comes in beaming after eavesdropping on Katara's fortune
    Sokka: Looks like someone had a pretty good bathroom break.
    Aang: Y-yeah... when I was in there...
    Sokka: I don't even want to know.
  • The titular drill in "The Drill". This may have intentional innuendo on the writers' part; but a long, narrow drill, penetrating through a hole that explodes with a goopey mess when it blows up on the inside? Said mess is coated all over everyone by the end, Sokka's trying to brush it off his tongue, Mai wants nothing to do with the stuff (while Ty Lee is all too eager), the war minister looks at it with disgust as it smears down the watchtower window, it flies up so high it hits Sung from atop the wall, and of course, as it spews out the back of the drill in overflow, Toph says this line:
    Toph: HERE IT COMES!!
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  • "The Firebending Masters" has this line from Sokka:
    Sokka: Mind if I watch you two jerks do your jerkbending?
  • "The Southern Raiders" is (in)famous among the fandom for what is a truly epic instance of this trope. Zuko bumps into a very flustered Suki on the way to Sokka's tent, and she hurriedly excuses herself. He walks into Sokka's tent to ask him a question and finds him pants-less and surrounded by flowers and candles. He even greets Zuko with a suggestive "Well helloooo..." before he realizes who it is. After a short talk, he rushes Zuko out and sticks his head out to call for Suki. And if there was any doubt, Sokka is shown the next morning fiddling with a flower necklace, for no apparent reason except to indicate he got lei'd (and that Suki got deflowered).


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