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Radar / Archie Comics' Sonic the Hedgehog

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  • Issue 3 had everyone think Robotnik got hold of atomic bombs and went over the destruction the weapons could cause.
  • Back in issue 8, Bunnie jokes that she's the "sax cymbal" of the team. She must really love music.
  • Sonic Super Special 15 features a parody of Sin City, in which Sonic goes to a robot dive bar and witnesses Bunnie, disguised as a female Swatbot, performing what is apparently an exotic dance.
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  • Issue #60 gets away with describing Monkey Khan as a hellion.
  • In the "Heart Held Hostage" storyline, Nack and his gang used realistic firearms. Subsequent stories had Nack use cartoonish guns.
    • In the same storyline, Sally delivered a Groin Attack to Nack to escape him.
  • Issue 133 had Sonic tell Mecha that her "father" (Eggman) could go to... before he was interrupted by her laser eyes.
  • In Sonic Universe 17, we get this little jewel after Tails asks if Antoine n' Bunnie will be bored while he's off at his little workshop. If you keep in mind that they're supposed to be on their honeymoon, one doesn't have to guess what they plan to do with their alone time...
    Antoine: "Will we be bored", he asks.
    Bunnie: You hush. He's still a young'un.
  • An issue had Robotnik confronting Snively and accusing him of "Snooping as usual". This references a line from Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog, and by proxy, the dick joke that sprung from a particular mondegreen of it.
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  • Back when Scourge was Evil Sonic, he comes to Mobius specifically to hit on the chicks undercover, going further each time - Amy, then Mina, then Bunnie - whom he is seen lying next to later in the day. Bunnie has a robotic lower body. In a later issue he comments to Sonic, "And Amy? Yeah, there's a real prize-winner..." Sonic is absolutely fuming... maybe because Sonic and Evil-Sonic are 16, and Amy is chronologically under 12.
  • Rouge gets into a personal confrontation with Julie-Su, leading to this exchange:
    Julie-Su: Let go of me, you b
    Rouge: Bat, dear. Remember it.
  • And ten issues later:
    Knuckles: You'd do that, Rouge?
    Julie-Su: She'd do anything.
    Rouge: Watch it, pinky.
  • Blaze has been having visions about Sonic in her sleep, and seeks him out. They fight, and afterwards, we get the following exchange:
    Blaze: You are indeed the one I have sought out. No question.
    Sonic: You've been looking for me? Who are you exactly?
    Blaze: The one who will now haunt your dreams the way you have haunted mine! Farewell, Sonic... Until I have need of you!
    Sonic: (thinking to himself) Haunt my dreams, huh? I wonder...
  • In one of the old Sonic Grams online for the Archie comics, Fiona and Scourge have this exchange.
    Fiona: Time for bed, babe.
    Scourge: But—
    Fiona: You wanted the letter, remember?
    Scourge: (mutters)
    • Thinking about his character, what else might he have wanted?


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