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For years (until circa 2007) Archie Comics enforced a "family friendly" image to the point where they dropped the banhammer on fanfiction because of fears of Rule 34 (not that the rule stopped either). Despite this, not everything they put out is squeaky clean.

  • The series has a lot of fanservice involving Betty, Veronica, and Cheryl. Almost any time they appear in swimsuits they are played up in a fanservicey manner.
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  • There a famous example where one of the main characters runs through a magical hole in the wall that looks exactly like a vagina. It could have been coincidence, but...
  • One issue of Betty And Veronica had the two discussing how perfume turned them on. Reprints censored the line.
  • The 1970s issue "Saved by the Bell" deconstructs the Chastity Couple aspect of the characters. Betty is sexually frustrated about her relationship with Archie. She doesn't trust herself around him and even remarks "Archie's touch does weird things to my body." When they are alone at Betty's house they end up kissing but are interrupted from anything further when Jughead rings the bell.
  • There is a story from the 80s which involves Archie using his finger to plug a hole in a cracked aquarium to stop it from flooding Mr. Lodge's pool room. The story features one of Mr. Lodge's business associates who is clearly huffing Amyl Nitrate numerous times during the story; he even offers one to Archie, saying they're "smelling salts".
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  • In a 1959 Christmas story, when Veronica asks Archie what he's going to give her dad for Christmas, he simply responds, "The bird!" Veronica is understandably offended until Archie shows her the canary he intends to present to Mr. Lodge. Another story featured Mr. Cooper trying to force Archie to marry Betty after catching them in what appeared to be a semi-nude state.
  • The boys plot a "Save Our Beazly" campaign upon learning that the school chef will be downsized. One boy prompts that they should make bumper stickers, just using the initials. The others quickly hush him up. Wonder how that one skipped the censors.
  • A story has Archie as a TV news reporter. After Jughead mixes up the cue cards, he begins the news with "It looks like that jackass is up to his old tricks again!" with a picture of Mr. Lodge in the background. Veronica is upset until the mistake is corrected. The news story was referring to an actual jackass, not Mr. Lodge.
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  • Once, Betty was moping around the school. Someone (I think it was either Miss Grundy or Mr. Weatherbee) told her to stop "mooning around". Betty was shocked, thinking she was being accused of mooning people.
  • Betty mentioned two friends to a third friend of hers: Ronnie and Juggie. When he meets Veronica ("Ronnie"), he assumes she's Juggie...possibly because of her jugs.
  • There's one where Veronica panics because she thought Betty and Archie showered together, and another where she nearly freezes to death because she thinks Archie and Betty are sleeping together.
  • Reggie sabotages Archie's jalopy to take Veronica to a dance. Veronica, hearing a false story from Reggie, feels sorry for Archie, while Reggie assures her that Archie is probably "enjoying himself".
  • Another strip has Archie going to a female gift counselor to ask what he should get as a birthday present for Mr. Lodge. The counselor's suggestion was her phone number.
  • Archie is in a women's store as a favor to Betty. One of the sales clerks has this line:
    Is there something you'd like to see in a me?
  • Veronica dresses up as a flower at a masquerade party, so, to impress her, Reggie dresses up as a bee. Subtle.
  • In a Frank Doyle/Dan DeCarlo story from 1962, Betty and Veronica try to live the way boys do, and wind up using male tactics to pick up a couple of handsome boys. At the end of the story, Jughead arrives as Archie is watching the couples leave:
    Jughead: Would you care to explain what just happened?
    Archie: Aw! They're making out like they're boys!
    Jughead: I can see that they're making out! Now would you explain the rest of it?
  • A Funny Background Event during a football game sees a middle-aged man using binoculars to ogle cheerleaders, even though they were only a couple of feet away. His wife, who was standing right beside him, was obviously displeased.
  • One cover shows Archie buying Veronica a frisbee for her birthday. When he speaks about how surprised she'll be to get it, Betty informs him that Veronica is expecting a "pearl necklace" (in double-sized bold blue text, no less).
  • Another cover has Archie saving Betty from drowning, and talking about how he had to "beat off" three other guys to do it (in double-sized bold RED text this time). Yeah, they knew what they were saying.
  • While Archie and Veronica are dancing, Archie says, "I thought you were going to do the mashed potato," and she replies, "After the dance, Archie."
  • Some of Cheryl's sexier antics seem extremely bizarre for a family comic book series, and even rival the fanservice in Image Comics.
  • Over in Josie and the Pussycats, Valerie told Josie that their van broke down on the highway, and was asking for money for repairs. Josie says that she is also broke, but it doesn't matter, since the van will probably be torn frame by frame by road pirates by the time the girls get there. Now, read this exchange:
    Valerie: I left Melody in it, to guard it.
    Josie: If those roadway pirates see her frame, they won't bother stripping the van!
  • One 1970s issue had Archie's car get stuck in a lake while he is out with Betty. The two go into a motel and get out of their wet clothes. When Betty's parents come over they get upset because it looks like the two had sex. They even try to force Archie to marry Betty.
  • In one comic, Archie and the others start acting like beatniks, complete with behaving like they are on drugs. It is however implied that they are simply pretending to be that way.
  • In one comic, Cheryl appears in a risqué swimsuit and mentions that in France it is not uncommon for women to go topless on beaches. She then tries to remove her top. According to the end, she did end up taking off her top (and was promptly escorted away). In the same issue, her twin brother, Jason, tries to hide beer by slipping an empty soda can over it. He is also escorted away by the police.
  • Issue 106 of Josie and the Pussycats had Alex heavily making out with a girl and buying beer.
  • A rather memorable one in issue #15 of Josie and the Pussycats:
    Pepper: Melody, I appeal to you!
    Melody: ♪ Oh you do, Pepper! But I like boys better! ♫
    Pepper: No, no, you ninny! I want your help!
  • In one issue of Jughead in the new continuity, Jughead complains about a dream, and Kevin offers to interpret, asking whether Jughead dreamed about hamburgers or hot dogs (being yonicnote  and phallic symbols, respectively). It speaks to his asexuality that for once, Big Eater Jughead admits that neither showed up in his dream at all.
  • In one comic, Archie’s father finds out Archie has been sneaking out of the house to visit Betty (for study sessions, as it turns out). When Mr Andrews goes over and asks Mr Cooper where his daughter is, Mr Cooper says either in the study, or up in bed. Mr Andrews then responds "Well you better hope she’s in the study because she’s in there with Archie!"
  • In an early comic, Veronica is shocked to see Archie pushing a baby carriage, indicating that she thought he'd fathered a child. Turns out it belongs to his aunt.


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