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  • During the tour of the island, a male and a female eel are shown kissing in order to generate electricity. Subtext, anyone?
  • Also when Kit Mambo explains her strategy to beat Rene in the marathon while bearing a Cheshire Cat Grin, "The best way to win is to get a quick lead and break his concentration," as the camera shows her lioness assets.
  • Also Dorrie Turnell's appearance in an issue of Playbird magazine.
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  • When Renee and Kit embrace in their shared dream, their crotches are the first to meet - and they grind them into each other.
    Dean: Hey man, they're going all the way!
  • Tatyana Tushenko?!
  • Four ducks at the disco pass out after drinking beer.
  • René's fantasy of Kit modelled in gold in his fantasy has visible nipples.
  • Rene's manager accuses Kit's manager of cheating — using catnip.


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