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  • In Eye of the Beholder, the episode's villain is told at the beginning that if she returns to the kingdom that's just banished her, she'll be dancing the gallows jig. With appropriate pantomime.
  • In "The Crimson Avenger", after Cavin is framed for stealing the king's ruby studs and thrown in the dungeons, he's told 4 different ways a criminal in Dunwyn could be executed, getting more and more scared with each one and with appropriate motions for "hanging". Though the latter was originally "beheading" in early airings.
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  • In "Girl's Knight Out", Calla is pulling a Sweet Polly Oliver. Sunni asks if she's worried about being caught. Calla replies, "would you rather one of those boobs won and became my protector?" Interesting word choice, there...
  • Gusto Gummi's scenes are almost always a highly kid-friendly version of Camp Gay.

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