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Radar / Aaahh!!! Real Monsters

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  • In "Monsters, Get Real" when they're trying to get the Scare Manual back, a kid thinks Krumm is a wind up doll and sticks the key up a horrified Krumm's butt.
  • The episode where Ickis and Krumm became Krickis began with them scaring a bunch of people at a bistro. Men are seen literally having their pants scared off, but one of the victims is a woman whose panties fall down when the monsters scare her.
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  • The aforementioned example of G-Rated Sex was also seen in the episode demonstrated by a bewildered Ickis shortly after the Gromble gave The Talk, which resulted in another monster calling him out on it and Oblina expressing disappointment that Ickis embarrassed her.


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