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Most shocking thing a musician/band has done? No.
Most shocking thing ABBA has done? Definitely!

ABBA had a reputation of being a squeaky-clean band: wholesome family-friendly dynamic (they were two Happily Married couples, after all), never in the media being shamed in a scandal, never became addicted to alcohol and drugs... However, this didn't mean that their music didn't have any shocking adult-friendly moments!

The most common moment that people like to point out was during the fade out to "Summer Night City" where they're sure that someone sang "fucking in the moonlight" instead of "walking in the moonlight". Björn neither confirmed nor denied it but said that it probably did happen. But that's not the only questionable moment...



  • "Honey, Honey" has several. It's about a woman gushing about her boyfriend.
    • There's this:
      I heard about you before,
      I wanted to know some more,
      and now I know what they mean
      You're a love machine
      Oh, you make me dizzy!
      • Who on earth would "they" be in this situation? This boyfriend was most likely a former womanizer.
    • "...And, honey — to say the least — you're a doggone beast!"
    • When we get the boyfriend's part:
      I don't wanna hurt you, baby
      I don't wanna see you cry,
      So stay on the ground, girl,
      You better not get too high
    • The heavy breathing too...
    • "I feel like I wanna sing when you do your thing!"
  • "Gonna Sing You My Love Song" is about a man stuck in an unpleasant situation with his spouse. It's likely that she's thrown him out and he's arrived at his female friend's house until his spouse has calmed down. Unbeknownst to him, his friend seems to like him too and seems to want to take advantage of the situation, especially when it gets to this:
    Would she mind if you lingered for another night?
    Wanna hold you tight,
    We can make it right...
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  • "Sitting in the Palm Tree" is about a man who lives in a tree underneath a girl he's trying to pursue, most likely to manipulate her into sympathising with his state.


  • Where do you start with "Rock Me"? Most likely about a couple's sex life, even though the mentions of "rock me" and "roll me" may trick one into assuming that it's about music.
    • "So, don't stop doing it, don't stop doing it..."
    • At one point in the background, you can hear, "Don't stop the rocking..." being chanted.
  • "Hey, Hey, Helen", a song about a woman taking her children and leaving her husband, who was most likely abusive.


  • "Money, Money, Money", at one point, makes the singer consider becoming a Gold Digger, but then doesn't think she's attractive enough.
  • "When I Kissed the Teacher" is about a Precocious Crush.

ABBA: The Album

  • "Move On" can be seen as this, seeing how it's heavily implied that the narrator has depression and is considering suicide.
    What really makes the difference between all dead and living things?
    The will to stay alive?
  • "Take a Chance On Me" is about a Stalker with a Crush. ABBA loved making songs about these, didn't they?


  • A man in "Does Your Mother Know" is trying to fend off the advances of a young woman who may or may not be jailbait.
  • "Lovers (Live a Little Longer)": A couple discovers news of a scientific breakthrough that says that people in relationships live longer and happier lives than people that are single. The voice of the song wants to follow the advice, after all, "Lovers live a little longer in the night".
    • "Making love is a dynamite drug, baby, so why don't we start right away?" (Humorously, "making love" is emphasized with backing vocals.)
      • Followed by Agnetha moaning, "I'm EXPLODING!!"
    • "I don't care if they're watching 'cause listen/We've got a reason for each time we're kissing..."
  • "Kisses of Fire" have questionable lyrics too. The voice of the story is clearly enjoying her love life because she's never been starved from kisses.
    "Never before did you see me begging for more kisses of fire"
    • Kisses of fire — burning, burning
      I'm at the point of no returning
    • Every kiss has her "riding higher than the sky".
    • The introduction features:
      Touch my lips
      Close your eyes and see with your fingertips
      Things that you do
      And you know I'm crazy 'bout you...
  • "Voulez Vous" is about someone offering a one-night stand.
    Voulez Vous? Take it now or leave it — that is all you get
    Nothing promised — no regrets...
  • The aforementioned "Walking in the moonlight, lovemaking in a park" debacle from "Summer Night City". Hilariously, you can't blame Björn for making that blooper at the end, since it's so easy to slip in by accident, even though it makes the sentence redundant.
  • "Gimme, Gimme, Gimme (A Man After Midnight)". The title has already warned what the listener's in for.

Super Trouper

  • "Andante, Andante" is about someone playing the piano, apparently. Some of the lyrics suggest otherwise.
    "Take it easy with me, please. Touch me gently like the summer evening breeze. Touch my soul – you know how… andante, andante; go slowly with me now.
    There's a shimmer in your eyes, like the feeling of a thousand butterflies. Please don't talk – go on, play… andante, andante, then let me float away.


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