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Race Lift / Uncertain Depictions

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    Comic Books 
  • Carlos Ezquerra originally designed the title character of Judge Dredd to be hispanic; other artists drew him as either white or black in early issues. Since these issues were black and white, nobody noticed. After the series began appearing in color, Dredd was consistently drawn as a white man.
  • Jubilee has also been through this - canonically Chinese-American but often drawn by artists who didn't get the memo. Since about the mid-nineties she has been more consistently depicted as firmly Chinese in appearance.

    Fan Works 
  • There's some controversy in the Glee fandom regarding how to portray Blaine in fanfiction since his race has never been mentioned in canon. Some fans think that since Darren Criss, who plays Blaine, is half-Filipino and nothing has been said to the contrary, one should assume that Blaine is too and write him accordingly to avoid Unfortunate Implications. Others think that since Blaine hasn't been expressively stated to be biracial, Artistic License dictates it's fine to portray him however you want, whether that be Caucasian, Filipino, or mixed-race.
  • Due to the intentionally few character descriptions and the audio-only nature of the show, Welcome to Night Vale fan works vary on the races of characters (except Carlos, who is Latino).
  • In the Total Drama Comeback Series, Noah (an Ambiguously Brown character from the source material) mentions at one point that he's Indonesian. Word of God would late come out and say that the character is canonically Indian.

  • Oliver Stone's World Trade Center includes, among other real life people, a minor character based mostly off a real man who happened to be black. Unfortunately, when they were doing research, no one in the production thought to check this man's race, and they cast a white actor. After the movie came out they were informed about it, and Stone apologized.

    Religion and Mythology 
  • Jesus is mostly portrayed as a white European though many believe he would be darker-skinned as he was from the Middle East. Jesus has been given different races depending on the congregation, including African and Asian.
    • Same thing with his mother, the Virgin Mary. Not only is she portrayed as being multiple races (depending on the congregation), but she always conforms to the then-current ideals of feminine beauty in that culture, presumably because Beauty = Goodness.


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