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"Doctor, my sister has cancer. [beat] ZOMBIE CANCER!"

Ed: What's up with your hand, man?
Pete: I got mugged on the way home from work.
Ed: By who?
Pete: Some crackheads. One of them bit me.
Ed: Why?
Pete: I don't know, I didn't stop to ask them!

"I can smell your brains...!"

The star dickhead is CEO Albert Wesker, who manages to hybridize two previously unrelated types of douchebag: "wearing sunglasses indoors guy" and "guy hiding the fact he's clearly been infected." He couldn't be more obviously T-virused if a zombified B.A. Baracus was actively biting him every second of screen-time.

Rich: There was something else. What was it? Oh yeah. Slurrrrred speeech.
Everyone else screams.
Jeff: You were bitten!
Rich: I thought that maybe I was shpeciallll.
Britta: Special? You're not special, I'm special! (pulls up her sleeve revealing a bite on her arm) I was bitten ten minutes ago and I'mmmm finnnnnne.
Community, "Epidemiology"

"Listen to me, you fuck! My father kept a secret once. He had been bitten by a vampire. He kept it a secret from me and my mother. By the fifth day, he was turning. That night he attacked my mother. And then he came after me. I killed my own father, Padre. I got no trouble killing you."

"(Because I'm tacky)
If I'm bit by a zombie, prob'ly not telling you
(Because I'm tacky)
If you don't think that's bad, then guess what? You're tacky too"
"Weird Al" Yankovic, "Tacky"


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