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Quotes / Yu-Gi-Oh! The Movie: Pyramid of Light

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It was never to happen. And for 5000 years, it never did. The secrets of the Millennium Puzzle remained safely beyond reach, within the imponderable conundrum of its intricate design. For a boy named Yugi, the mystery of the Millennium Puzzle remains just that. The solution—if one exists—eludes him, as it did those that came before. But this time, fate has played a hand in bringing the Puzzle and this person together.

It was never to happen. And for 5000 years, it never did. But though the desert does its best to conceal that which should remain buried, it eventually yields its most ancient and terrible secrets.

Pegasus: True, I may not see as well as I once did. But to be honest, it doesn't take a a Magic Eye to see just how thoroughly Yugi has trounced your sorry behind again and again! Quite frankly, it's embarrassing.
—The first time Pegasus mocks Kaiba's losing streak

Pegasus: Oh, don't look so sour, think of it this way: at least it will be them stopping your little quest to the top and not Yugi-boy for the umpteenth time!
—The second time Pegasus mocks Kaiba's losing streak, referring to his Toon Monsters

Pegasus: Sure, I'll have to give up another 500 of my Life Points, but then, you know what they say, Kaiba-boy: "You have to spend Life Points to take Life Points!" Hahahaha! Of course, you know all about that. Yugi's been taking your Life Points for what, going on three years now? Oh, I'm sorry to keep bringing that up!
—The third time Pegasus mocks Kaiba's losing streak, before Kaiba soundly crushes him

Man: Forget about those nobodies!
Tristan: Now wait just a minute!
Joey: What'd you say?
Man: I said, you're nobody.
Boy: Yeah, that's right! And everybody knows it, too!
Teen: Well, just everybody who's anybody, that is!
Joey: Listen up! Nobody but nobody calls me a nobody, ya bunch a' nobodies! Got that?!
Man: Outta the way! We wanna take on Yugi, not you!
Boy: Yeah, right!
Teen: We want the King of Games, not the King Of Lame!
Boy: The Duel Monsters Champ, not Chump!
Man: The Master Of The Gods, not the Master Of The Clods!
Joey: Hey! I think I get the point already. But you gotta prove yourselves first by duelin' a top contender, an' I think I know one.
Tristan: Seto Kaiba?
Joey: ME, Joey Wheeler! So if you wanna get to the King of Games, you'll have ta Go Through Me, the eh...Uh...The Godfather Of Games, capisce?
—Tristan and Joey confront an Angry Mob of Yugi's would-be rivals

The eye that sees what's yet to come, its vision shall be fulfilled. Unless blinded by events predetermined, thus Light and Shadows both be killed.
Joey: This weird stuff always happens when Yugi duels.
—Tristan and Joey Lampshade Hanging during the appearance of the titular Pyramid

Anubis: Shadows, take life! Creatures, be born! Now, let's see how well you play this game, when the monsters are REAL!!
Joey: Monsters?
Tristan: For real?!
Tea: Uh-oh!
Anubis: It is no longer time to duel. Now, it is time to DIE!!!

Grandpa Muto: We should take a closer look at that prophecy to see what it foretells for the future!
Pegasus: Oh, please, old man. Anubis is gone. No one could return after suffering a defeat so thoroughly devastating as that. Well, no one but Kaiba, that is. I'm sorry, Did I Say That Out Loud?
—Pegasus mocks Kaiba one last time after Anubis is destroyed

Yugi: What Kaiba doesn't get is that victory means nothing, unless you can share it with the people you love. 'Cause then...You're really a winner.
Yami: You can say that again.
—Closing lines

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