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"And hey, look here: I have a special little something just for you. Consider this my 'thank you' for your charming virus. *casts Soul Bind* There. Your spirit can rot in here from now on. No raising, no resurrection, no well-deserved final rest in some extraplanar petting zoo. No nothing. Just eternity trapped in a black gemstone in my left pocket."
Xykon, The Order of the Stick: Start of Darkness

Integra: These are five hundred years and change of souls that Alucard has consumed. After a while he stopped actually killing people himself and started hanging around battlefields, letting others do it for him.
Seras: How many souls has he-
Integra: Chowed down on? Oh... two million-ish. He calls it his... ugh...#LifeHack.
Seras: [scoffs]: He would.

”Your brother's soul is mine. You will be next...”
*After winning* ”Your soul is mine!”

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