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Quotes / Youngest Child Wins

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The Boy: I'm also lookin' for the girl I'm s'posed to marry! Have you seen her?
The Marquis: What's she look like?
The Boy: ...She's a youngest, if y'get my meanin'.
The Marquis: Do I ever!

When a quest needs to be accomplished, I will send my youngest son first, and thus avoid ending up getting his brothers killed.

Of course, brothers fight all the time, younger and older. And in any family, the little brother will eventually score some sort of symbolic victory over the bigger. That's hard on the older brother, to have to admit defeat, and yet it's all part of growing up. But when the little brother has won absolutely everything and holds the bigger brother's life completely in his hands... let me tell you, no amount of growing up can help you there.
Underground, by Andrew McGahan


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