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Quotes / You Wanna Get Sued?

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Masaki: You done talking? Then lend us a hand, Ms. Comet!
Sleigh: Comet...?
Shiro: Why "Comet", meow?
Masaki: It sounds like a rival for the Shooting Star, right? And it's painted red...
Shiro: Oh, you mean like the Red Com--
Kuro: Do you wanna get us in trouble? Besides, it looks more scarlet.
Masaki: Scarlet Comet? That's pretty risky too, don't you think?
Kuro: Y-You may be right...

Duck Dodgers: Oh, darn! You see, I just missed the next episode of my favorite animated TV show that is a sequel to another animated TV show that I cannot mention cause it's on a different network!
Scorpion: Is the Galactic Protectorate run by Warner Bros.? Is that why you can't mention the TV show by name even though you're in an entirely different dimension, isolated from everyone else you know?
Duck Dodgers: Oh no, it's actually a little problem I have since I was born. Look at this. The Powerpuff Girls. See, nothing happens. Animaniacs. Nothing happens again. But when I say Spongebo— {convulses} See? I can say things like Avatar. But when I say Last Ai— {convulses again} I call it Network Syndrome.

Nagi: Hayate still has three transformations left!
Hayate: No, I'm not Fr**za.

The prophecy foretells of the chosen one, one who will bring balance to the fo— oh, ho, woah, this is the wrong prophecy. That was a close one, we almost got sued there.
Zeratul, annoyed quote at Heroes of the Storm

Monokuma: I'm not gonna let you finish yet... There's no way this can end before I've even transformed.
Sonia: ..Tr-Transform?
Monokuma: A transformation is customary for a final boss battle, right? You know, like that one role-playing game. You know what game I'm talking about. Final...
Kazuichi: Don't say it!

Popuko: And now, an impression of M*ck*y M**se!
Pipimi: What? Do you wanna die?!

Spider-Ham: That's all folks.
Peter B. Parker: Is he allowed to say that? Legally?
Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, before Spider-Ham returns to his dimension

Apricot: Well, how do I look?
Jacques: You look cute *chirrup*! Your appearance reminds me of a character in an anime I know *chirrup*!
Apricot: Oh, really? Which one?
Jacques: Y'know, the one about the girl who—
Apricot: (*Death Glare*) Never seen it!

She is a cat. That is a hat. Legally, we're not allowed to put those thoughts together.