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Mr Carlson: Why don't I get to wake up?!? SCROOGE got to wake up [between ghosts]!
Marley: Scrooge didn't eat one of Johnny Fever's brownies.

Kill the turkeys, ducks and chickens
Mix the punch, drag out the Dickens
Even though the prospect sickens
Brother here we go again!

"[Groan] We're not doing the Christmas Carol, are we? I mean come on! Everyone and their dogs has done this already! I don't wanna do this! This is the lazy stuff to do when you're out of ideas for reviews!"

"Any long-running successful show that doesn't in some way have a go at Charles Dickens's A Christmas Carol is doing something wrong."
Jem Roberts, The Clue Bible

Doctor: It's impossible! I've got to get a very bad man to suddenly decide to just turn nice in time for Christmas day.
Amy: [on radio] Doctor, I can't hear you. What is that? Is it singing?
Doctor: It's a Christmas carol.
Amy: A what?
Doctor: A Christmas carol.
Amy: What?
Doctor: [realizing] It's A Christmas Carol!
Doctor Who 2010 Christmas Special

I'm the Ghost of Christmas Past
And all the folks that you've harassed,
They're glad that I am here at last
'Cause, Mister CEO,
It's movie time, relax and see
As we climb up your family tree
And we'll see how you used to be
Many years ago
Wakko Warner, Animaniacs, "A Christmas Plotz''

Linkara: We are not doing a Christmas Carol parody. I refuse!
Marley's Ghost: But your feelings about Christmas...
Linkara: I love Christmas! You won't make me like it any more!
Marley's Ghost: Okay, but what about making you appreciate good comics?
Linkara: I've got a whole shelf full of good comics. I read them when I want to. This show is about reviewing the crap for entertainment value.
Marley's Ghost: Um, okay, but the three spirits are still booked. Uh...
Linkara: Look, unless this involves the Muppets or Patrick Stewart, I don't want any part of it. Get out.
Atop the Fourth Wall, "Extreme Super Christmas Special #1" review

Ghost of Yesterday: I'm here to remind you...
Humbug: Bah! I know this story. I've been unkind, I get it
Ghost of Yesterday: Nah, I don't care about that. I'm here to remind you...
...about your laundry! You left socks in the dryer
Club Penguin, "A Humbug Holiday"


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