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Quotes / Year Inside, Hour Outside

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Woman: Time passes differently in Narnia, so by putting the CPU and storage for my machine there, I was able to run through the Folding@home and SETI@Home databases in about an hour.
Man: There are so many problems with that.

"[The Jaunt is] longer than you think, Dad! Longer than you think!!"
Ricky, The Jaunt

Marco: It took me sixteen years, but I totally earned these scissors!
Star: Wait, sixteen years? You've been gone from Earth for like, eight minutes.
Marco: Eight minutes?
Hekapoo: Yeah, I forgot to tell you that time passes differently in this dimension. Not sorry.
Star vs. the Forces of Evil, "Running with Scissors"

"Does a single day in her world equal one month in ours? Or does crossing dimensions warp time itself?"

Klaus: I was gone sixty years! How long was it here?!
Roger: What? Where did you go?
Klaus: I don't know, but wherever it was, I am their king now.

Loki: The Bifrost brought me out here weeks ago.
Thor: Weeks ago?!
Loki: Yes.
Thor: I just got here!
Grandmaster: [...] Time works real different around these parts. On any other world, I'd be, like, millions of years old. But here on Sakaar...

"Briefly, she wondered how much of her life she'd spent in the 30th Century. Linda guessed that, if she took that time into account, she could probably celebrate her birthday six months early. Well, at least she could return in time to only a few seconds after she departed. That way she wouldn't be late for work."


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