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Due to the nature of this game's story and characters, all spoilers will be unmarked in order to adhere to wiki policy.

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"Long ago, the world was nothing more than an endless sea cloaked in a boundless sky, reaching as far as could possibly be imagined. ... Then two great titans came into existance: the Bionis and the Mechonis. ... The titans were locked in a timeless battle. ... Until at last...only their lifeless corpses remained."
Shulk (voice-over)


    Colony 9 Area 

Colony 9

Dunban: Shulk. How are you holding up?
Shulk: I'm fine. But... you...
Dunban: I will shed no tears.
Shulk: Huh?
Dunban: A year ago, I felt the same sense of deep loss that I do now.
Shulk: The Battle of Sword Valley.
Dunban: After that battle, many of my friends did not make it home. While I was being brought here on that stretcher, they were all I thought about. [...] But I decided I would not cry. Everyone who died in that war had something they wanted to protect. Family, friends, loved ones, their home... So they fought to protect them. And we won. [...] No matter how painful, no matter how hard, it's nothing to be sad about... I decided that there and then.
Shulk: Dunban!
Dunban: Shulk, Fiora would tell you the same thing. She wanted to protect us. Or rather, she wanted to protect you. And you're alive now. So I will not cry.
Shulk: OK.
Dunban: Remember the gift of life that Fiora gave you, and treasure it.
Shulk: I... I can't say that I understand. But... I hope to, some day.
Dunban: That is all I ask. Believe me, I am always just trying to understand.
The aftermath of the Colony 9 attack

"In my head, there are two versions of me. One of them is saying that. It's telling me, "Listen to what Dunban said". The other one, it keeps shouting, "Make them pay! Destroy every single one of them!". And it won't stop getting louder."
Shulk (slightly paraphrased)


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