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Jarrett learned if you can't beat them, and you can't join them, then you make your own fucking company. Thus LOLTNA was born, where Jarrett won the belt a lot.
Taimapedia on Jeff Jarrett

When you picture the kind of filmmaker who would write, direct and produce a movie just to cast himself in the lead role of martial arts master rock star, you're picturing David Heavener (Lethal Ninja, Kill Crazy)...Heavener is a living Tim & Eric sketch, and his fight scenes are violent mockeries of violence. It's often hard to tell if Heavener is trying to punch someone in the face or knock the boom mic above their heads out of frame.

You get a sense – that if he could have got away with it – Shatner would have included the line “I need Bill Shatner.” It gets worse from there. While The Voyage Home featured no larger-than-life adversary, it seems like there’s only one opponent big enough to take on Captain James T. Kirk. The Final Frontier sees Kirk taking on God.

One day my kid's gonna bring home a history book, and it will say that Oprah was the one who discovered radium.
Drew Magary, "The Hater's Guide to the 2015 Oscars"


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