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"Here you see the lepers of the great television industry. Men without faces. They even slide our paychecks under the door so they can pretend we're not here."
Mel giving a tour of the writers' room in A Face in the Crowd

"Playing the bassoon or fluffing a walrus people respect, 'cause there's a specialist skill that goes into those. But writing? 'Pah! I learnt that in school! Fucking aced it! They made me start doing it all in joined-up letters just to give everyone else a chance! And that, Mr. Croshaw, is why I felt my background made me qualified to rewrite all the story copy you did for us to be more like a recent popular film.'"

"In the Darwinian ecosystem of Hollywood, screenwriters occupy a position just below the bottom; if they're allowed on film sets at all, it's generally so they can serve coffee to production assistants. In the minds of executives, screenwriters are to be neither seen nor heard."
Nathan Rabin on An Alan Smithee Film: Burn Hollywood Burn (the Creator Killer of a writer who did his best to break this anonimity)


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