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"It’s weird that B.C. seems to inherit a number of personality and character quirks from Deep Space Nine producer Ira Steven Behr. He wears an outdated hat quite similar to the one that Behr sports quite frequently, and he also expresses both a love of baseball (having the Sisko-arbitrated correct answer to the best baseball team of all time) and classic cinema (Errol Flynn was born in Tasmania!”)."

"Simply put, it's difficult to imagine any Doctor other than (Colin) Baker's in this situation to begin with. It's telling that throughout the trial the Doctor's sole defense tends to be to yell about the injustice of it all. He never actually goes about saying any of the sensible things like 'you do realize that if I hadn't gone to Ravalox we'd probably all be dead'... Instead he just blusters on about the Matrix being tampered with (on the quite tentative grounds that he wouldn't do that) and objects to the entire idea of his being on trial. His reaction is defined by is egotism, and this sort of egotism is a trait unique to Baker's Doctor.

The cliche is that Baker's Doctor is in many ways a self-portrait of John Nathan-Turner. This is, I think, a bit strong, but there's a strong sense in which, in 'Trial', he's an inadvertent stand-in for the series itself. Conceived in the afterglow of Longleat, he is a fatally flawed idea too arrogant to admit to the possibility of his failings even enough to defend himself. That only Baker's Doctor could be in this story is, in some sense, the point."
El Sandifer on Doctor Who, "Mindwarp"

"Of course we are expected to respond on a visceral level to the movie's dirge about the crimes of men against women, which, it must be said, are hard to keep in mind given the crimes of The Woman against The Man, and the transgressions committed by The Director against Us."


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