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"You know how, no matter how good a martial artist is, you can just shoot him in the head and it's over? Shizuo's the gun."
Celty, Durarara!!

"I AM THE GREATEST EARTHBENDER IN THE WORLD! And don't you dunderheads forget it!"
Toph Beifong (after inventing a seemingly impossible form of earthbending to escape a cage), Avatar: The Last Airbender

Hondo: Hondo can lift locomotive with one hand.
Agent 99: Really? Do you happen to know anything about diamonds, Hondo?
Hondo: Hondo can crush diamonds with teeth!
Max: What kind of a trick is that?
Hondo: Expensive.
Agent 99: What else does Hondo do?
Hondo: Hondo's greatest trick is keeping twin engine plane from taking off.
Agent 99: How do you do that?
Hondo: I break pilot's legs.
Get Smart, "The Greatest Spy on Earth".

"I'm Supergirl. Strongest girl on the planet."

Supervillain: I'm the strongest man alive!
Titan: Really? Because I've got a line of toys that say otherwise.

"Zi-O's strength is the greatest in history."


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