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"There are now shonen action series being written about everything. Somewhere in the depths of a Tokyo manga café there even exists one such series about... baking bread. [...] On the surface, nothing could be more stupid. And yet, it is charming. All because of the unmistakably Japanese thought process that might lead a character to shout, in amazement, 'I HAVE NEVER SEEN A YEAST SUCH AS THIS!'."
Justin Freeman, reviewing Hikaru no Go

"As with all Japanese popular culture, it appears to delve deeply into and grapple profoundly with the eternal existential-philosophical question, What the Fucking Fuck Was That?"
Bill Walsh on The Tragedy of Belladonna

"It's kind of like watching the history channel narrated by your ten-year-old nephew after a blow to the head."

Daniel Remar: Don't ask why. Ask why not.
Ludosity: It's pretty much impossible to describe this game. Here's a quote from one player:
M3nTo5: At first I was wtf. But then I was wtf.

"Karin suffers from an issue I like to call JYAW syndrome. It stands for 'Japan, You Are WEIRD,' which is something I have to say every time I utter a plot summary like Karin's, and it means the principal reason shows like Karin ever get watched or obtain a following is simply based on their alien premise. Japan just has a knack for coming up with new types of just plain weird."

"Japanese cartoons are weird, man. Though I may be on to something with that blue hair."

"Think you've got what it takes to tap-dance with the monkeys? (Has anyone ever written that sentence before?)"
Tap Trial's description in Rhythm Heaven Fevernote 

"Japan is capable of a special kind of weird that no one else can really get just right. It's that sort of weird that often involves ludicrous concepts mixed with bright colors, notable characters, and an unbridled sense of creativity that dazzles as much as it baffles."
Sotenga, Hardcore Gaming 101 article on Calorie-kun vs. Moguranian

Danny: Dude, what fucking acid trip fever dream did this game come from?
Arin: Um, it's called Japan.

"I have a theory about this one: Someone wrote a home-made computer algorithm for generating an anime script on random snippets from other anime shows, and he animated whatever came out of the printer. Japanese shows are notorious for being confusing and nonsensical, but this one takes the cake. "

"That should be the description of this game on the box — 'Weird Things Happen.'"
Vinny describing Tomodachi Life

"Yeah. Monster suits, toy planes, anime people. You have to wonder if even Japan looked at this and said, 'Uh, you think this might be a little too... us'?"
Moviebob, reviewing Attack of the Super Monster

"If you find the Japanese offensive, then you'll find this game offensively Japanese."
Ben "Yahtzee" Croshaw, Zero Punctuation, on Zack and Wiki

A blue-haired girl with bat wings - who I presume is the titular Remilia - produces the Gungnir and throws it in the air. It falls on a sleepy red-haired girl wearing stereotypical Chinese clothing. She almost manages to block it, but the sheer force of it still pushes her to the sky and she falls on what looks like a one-horned oni. The oni stabs the Chinese girl in the forehead with her horn, and they then fall into some underground facility, where they are greeted by a black-haired girl with corvid wings. She suddenly produces an epic-ass gun and shoots them with it.
We cut to a girl with long blue hair sitting on a huge rock with a short blue-haired girl with icy wings stuck under said rock. Suddenly there's an explosion, the rock flies high into the sky, and the icy-winged girl crashes into the camera. the rock falls onto a Shinto shrine, pissing off local priestess, who suddenly turns manly and proceeds to assault the girl with the long blue hair with cards and Tao orbs. The blue-haired girl crashes through a doctor's office and ends up on some green-haired girl's flower garden, which gets ruined in the process. The green-haired girl gets pissed and punches the blue-haired girl into the sky, chases her down, and punches her again, destroying a mountain in the process. She then throws her into the sky and attempts to annihilate her with a rainbow beam from her mouth.
We then cut to a different green-haired girl who is piloting a GIANT ROBOT, HELL YEAH, and showing off its moves. Suddenly the blue-haired girl hits the robot's head and it crashes into the ground. In panic, the robot's pilot accidentally presses a button that launches its rocket fists. One of them flies to the town and wrecks shit up, until it falls on top of another shrine. That shrine's priestess immediately throws the fist away from the shrine, and it then flies to Remilia's house. Remilia's maid immediately casts some sort of a spell that allows her to escape the scene, leaving her mistress alone to face the wrath of the giant metal fist.
"The Japanese make some crazy shit, and what can you expect? They've lived isolated on an island for, like what, thousands of years? Your brain's bound to make up some weird stuff. This one time I saw Tom Hanks was living on an island, and he became best friends with a ball. A ball! And he was only there for like a couple of years! Can you imagine how many tentacles it would've had coming out if you give him a couple more decades on that island?"
JonTron tries to explain this trope, "Japanese Shoot 'Em Ups"

"Wow, this could not be any more Japanese."
Slowbeef, referring to Time Gal

"For those unaware Hitler was actually in Persona 2: Innocent Sin, wielded the Lance of Longinus and was actually Nyarlathotep in disguise. I did not make any of that up."

"Anime sure is weird."


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