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"Why are you so surprised? You have wandered in great circles across the planes in these countless lives you have lived. Such symmetry. Such futility. Go now, back to where it began. Go back, and die."
Trias the Betrayer, Planescape: Torment

"This story, like all good stories, begins where it ends: in a tower, in a realm that is no more..."
April Ryan, The Longest Journey

"The very last stroke. But to think that it should fall here, at the very door of Bag End! Among all my hopes and fears at least I never expected that."

"Our struggle ends where it began, Autobot! Aboard this ship!"
Megatron, Transformers Animated, "Megatron Rising"

Megatron: It appears you and I are destined to battle aboard this ship once more, Autobot.
Optimus: Bring it on, Decepticon.
Transformers Animated, "Transwarped"

"Imbeciles. After all the trouble you've gone to, you're about to die right where you started. [sniff] It's so... poetic."

"Jack! This is where we first met"
Rose, about the poop deck of the sinking Titanic (1997)


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