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"Nixon was the last liberal president. He supported women's rights, the environment, ending the draft, youth involvement, and now he's the boogeyman? [John] Kerry couldn't even run on that today."

"What I seek to understand', Erannath said, 'Is the Aenean resentment of the Imperium. My race would resist such overlordship bitterly. But in human terms, it has on the whole been light, little more then a minor addition in taxes and the surrender of sovereignty over outside, not domestic affairs. In exchange you get protection, trade, abundant offplanet contacts. Correct?"
Ythrian agent to fleeing rebel in Day of their Return by Poul Anderson.

"Admittedly, besides its moral failure, communism failed in its crusade to convert the whole world...But communism's impact was and still is enormous. In addition to provoking significant changes in capitalist economies, such as vastly increased military spending and the growth of a military-industrial complex, the USSR's existence changed Western social development in fundamental ways.
Labor reform in the West in the past century came about under the threat of a radicalized international labor movement protected and supported by the USSR. President Franklin D. Roosevelt's New Deal was in part meant to steal the thunder of radicals who looked to Moscow and therefore could not be ignored. Social goals that are commonplace today, including women's rights and racial integration, were planks of the Communist Party platform long before mainstream American parties took them seriously. It was Communists who first went to the American South and began organizing African-Americans and poor whites around issues of social justice. The more politically acceptable young people who followed them in The '60s are heroes today. On the international scene the Soviet Union provided support for Nelson Mandela and other reformers. Communism made life difficult for Western establishments, and it is doubtful that reforms would have come when they did if the USSR had not existed. Communists always rejected reform in favor of revolution. Ironically, however, the existence of the Soviet Union helped the capitalist West reform itself and avoid the bloody revolutions of the East. Twentieth-century communism was no passing illusion; its legacies are everywhere."
J. Arch Getty, The Future Did Not Work.

Lisa: He's created a near-perfect society, where there's no crime, hunger or war, and all have access to the lively arts.
Homer: If that's your world, I don't wanna live in it!
The Simpsons, Deleted Scene from the "Treehouse of Horror V" story "Time and Punishment", on an Alternate Timeline run by Ned Flanders.

Capt. Picard: I know that once you were a peaceful people with a rich spiritual life.
Madred: And what did peace and spirituality get us? People starved by the millions. Bodies went unburied. Disease was rampant. Suffering was unimaginable.
Picard: Since the military took over, hundreds of thousands more have died.
Madred: But we are feeding the people. We acquired territory during the wars. We developed new resources. We initiated a rebuilding program. We have mandated agricultural programs. That is what the military has done for Cardassia. And because of that, my daughter will never worry about going hungry.


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