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Can we really still call this a kid's show? We've got Beelzemon nearly plummeting to his death, tentacle-like cables tying up Jeri and Calumon, the ungodly mass that is Mother D-Reaper, an uncomfortable discussion on gender identity, a puppet-assisted suicide attempt, crucifixion, and the hope for humanity boiling down to quantum physics. Oh yeah, and the bio-merge kids are still naked.
— Digimon: System Restore on Digimon Tamers

Occasionally, adult readers grimace at the events documented in Out of the Dust. They ask, how can this book be for young readers? I ask, how can it not? The children I have met during my travels around the country have astonished me with their perception, their intelligence, their capacity to take in information and apply it to the greater picture, or take in the greater picture and distill it down to what they need to know. Young readers are asking for substance. They are asking for respect. They are asking for books that challenge, and confirm, and console. They are asking for us to listen to their questions and to help them find their own answers. If we cannot attend always to those questions, to that quest for answers, whether our work is that of librarians, writer, teacher, publisher, or parent, how can they forgive us? And yet they do, every day (...)
— Karen Hesse, her Newbary Medal acceptance speech for Out of the Dust in 1998

    Live-Action TV 

Servo: [As the kid] So evil wins, Grandpa?
Crow: [As Grandpa Borgnine] That's right, even your tiny soul is doomed.
Servo: No, Grandpa Borgnine, leave light and hope for me! Please!
Crow: Get out from behind that cushion, Billy! It gets worse!

Don't let your kids watch it!
Robbie Rotten in the third season trailer of LazyTown, edited onto various scenes that children may find disturbing.


"At one point, the evil Rat King (John Turturro) has his troopers snatch toys from the hands of children so they can be tossed into furnaces... You may be in disbelief. I was."

    Web Original 

RK_Striker_JK_5: I think I forgot how effed up Sailor Moon could really get...
ANT Pogo: Yeah. "Cute show for little girls about a sailor-suited pretty soldier of love and justice who in reality is a ditzy middle-schooler and OH GOD OH FUCK WHAT WAS THAT WHAT DID I JUST SEE OH GOD!"

AUDIENCE: We did not think we were bringing our kids to a movie where… Clockwork Orange types… ran after girls in their underwear through forests. That was not something we thought.
— From a parody of The Little White Horse's film adaptation

"Although there is no gratuitous gore or naked women, "Ga'Hoole" is still as awesome as any of Snyder's other movies. The action is still very present and gets really in-your-face should one be fortunate to see it in IMAX 3D. With artful wind-furrowed banners and slow-motion/fast-motion action sequences that he has become so famous for, Snyder has created something truly badass for all ages, as if he's found a way to make Jaegerbombs suitable for children and adults."

"Man, you gotta love the childhood adventures of a future world-murdering psychopath! It's a magical romp following a young pod racer who learns he has the power to kill his friends and loved ones, choking the shit out of people with his force thoughts! Gather around little kiddies and see this young bastard's initial relations with a royal cougar! DON'T YOU GET IT?! Star Wars is fun for the whole family! ITS A FAMILY MOVIE ABOUT A CHILD-KILLING MANIAC! WEEEEE!!!"
— A comment on this article showing a kid-oriented trailer for the 3D re-release of The Phantom Menace.

Misleading family content: Content that misleads viewers by appearing to be family content, but contains sexual themes, violence, obscene, or other mature themes not suitable for young audiences.
"Child Safety on YouTube" on YouTube Help, addressing the YouTube Kids' Channel situation

    Web Video 

"I collect official 'BIG SERVICE' licensed merchandise. I have offic—oh, god! I have official 'BIG SERVICE' DOLLS... Official 'BIG SERVICE' brand clothing... And officially licensed 'BIG SERVICE' picture books?! Aaaaaaaahhhhhh...those are not appropriate for children!"
Marriland, Pokémon Emerald Nuzlocke, Episode 6: "Big Service!"

Narrator: Get ready for a G-rated movie filled with domestic abuse...
Scar: (slapping Sarabi) I'M TEN TIMES THE KING MUFASA WAS!
Narrator: ...a child raised by a same-sex couple, not that there's a problem with that, and the most dramatic death of a parents since Bambi's mom got shot in the face.

"My biggest problem with this movie is that it has no idea what its audience is. When you go to a movie that's rated PG about a talking cat that's trying to convince his daughter that he's still a good father, you expect it to be for kids or families, right? Yeah, except 75% of this movie is just business meetings (...) and all of this bullshit that has nothing that a kid would enjoy seeing! There were other kids in this theatre with me who looked bored out of their minds! (...) There are two security guards there that decide it would be really funny to taze the cat! Yeah, let's taze the cat and kill it! Let's just, let's kill this cat! What a great PG family movie! Let's just go taze cats! My God! (...) When Kevin Spacey's son in this movie realizes he can't save his father's company from this evil exec, he decides to commit suicide! He wants to jump off of the roof of the building that they're trying to build! Suicide? In this kids' movie? Oh, my God! (...) It is so painfully unfunny and so horrifically boring and completely unaware of its demographic that I am positive that kids and adults will leave this movie wanting their money back."

"Nothing says 'kid's show' like Patrick Warburton casually ignoring an ice-cream man's screams as he's eaten alive inside his own truck."

"Is this game rated E for horrific imagery and gore?"

"This is for kids! This is a kid's game. 'That is your soul'... This is a little kids' - little baby game, isn't it?"
[Flowey reveals his Establishing Character Moment]
"So as you guys can see, this is not a kid's game..."
videogamedunkey on Undertale

"Rated E for everyone, guys!"
Chuggaaconroy in Super Paper Mario, when Mimi explodes and pieces of her body scatter across the room

"Come to think of it, I just realized you're playing an NES game... where you shoot your wife. I can't see that going over well with parents: 'Hey, son, what are you playing?' 'I'm playing Nintendo!' 'Oh, that's nice.' 'Yeah, I just shot my wife!'"
The Angry Video Game Nerd on the NES adaptation of Total Recall (1990)

Alfheim Online Cover: Choose from one of nine fairy races and learn valuable life lessons such as sharing, table manners, and aerial combat supremacy.
In the skies of Marshmallow Island, children will make lifelong friends with fellow fairies, or lay them to waste with the game's intricate spellcraft system.
Also, coloring.
Get ready for a world of Learn-venture™ as you make your way through nine amazing biomes like forest, desert, cave, another forest, and circus!
Alright sir. That's about the most positive write-up I can think of for back-of-box stuff. Considering the game has been the biggest soul-sucking shitshow of my career, I think this sells it pretty well!
But at least it's all over now. I can finally get back home and sleep in my own bed again! A bed that is now empty because DEBRA LEFT ME! SHE TOOK THE KIDS, MAN!
But what the fuck ever. Can you just look this over and get back to me with any changes/corrections ASAP? I just wanna wash my hands of this weeping anal fissure of a "game".
Kirito: (reads the first paragraphs) Who is this for?!
Tiffany: My guest would be the cast of Lord of the Flies, but I doubt that's a big enough market.


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