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Anime and Manga

"... Don't touch me... Stop... DON'T TOUCH ME!! ... A woman...? .... Dark eyes...."
Guts, during his delirious, Intimate Healing with Casca, Berserk

"Your eyes are actually pretty Akaishi-san's."
Arata Minami, Kaiju Girl Caramelise

Fan Works

He tilted his head at me with a quizzical look in his eyes. Those big, green eyes… stop that.
Astrid experiences this trope while narrating, in the fanfic Talking In Her Sleep

Sarah's eyes were both a deep, solid blue. There were no fuzzy brown spots or green patches to muddle everything; just two orbs containing a drop of the finest tint of ocean. Amy had only seen such a striking colour in contact lenses, but these were real.
Her twilight-black pupils were the perfect matches to the blue irises; both were painted in the same dark palette and yet they remained distinct of each other; finely cut apart like two faces of a diamond.
The egg whites, amazingly paler than her flesh were clean; not a single vein or dot or yellowish discolouration filled the expanse. There was something beautiful about those globes. Her eyes were perfect, pure.
All except for a sharp, red scratch going through each blue iris; two burning streaks of fire running through the ocean, stopping at the shimmering pupil and continuing perfectly across the other side. It was the fire that magnetized the gaze of two emeralds, the fire that marred her gentle softness.
He became lost in the baby blue irises as vast as the oceans he had just admired. She was stunning. She was as beautiful as the planet below them.


"I said, "Hey. Here's my, uh, my stand-in. He's got blue eyes!" He went, "No, no. Malcolm, I think people know your eyes." And I went, "Well, that sucks.""
Malcolm McDowell on filming the lidlock scenes in A Clockwork Orange

"Have you ever stared into his eyes? It's like the first time I heard The Beatles."
Seth, Superbad

"The eyes are the nipples of the face."
Shelley, The House Bunny


Up close, he was gaunt and ordinary looking, except for the eyes. His spectacles were set with lenses of spaceflight-grade thickness, and through these his eyes were a perfectly lambent grey: unflecked, unmurked, even and clear. He had the eyes of a very beautiful person, trapped in resting bitch face.
Gideon the Ninth on Palamedes the necromancer

Live-Action Television

"I have a date with Miss Patricia Carling from Supplies on Saturday night. She says my eyes are my loveliest feature. If I go like this... I'M ONLY HALF-LOVELY!'"
Warden Ackerman, Red Dwarf


"In your eyes
The light, the heat
(Your eyes)
I am complete
(Your eyes)
I see the doorway
(Your eyes)
To a thousand churches
(Your eyes)
The resolution
(Your eyes)
Of all the fruitless searches.
(Your eyes)"
Peter Gabriel, "In Your Eyes"

Video Games

"I've been a knight for 30 years, and there's one thing I learned. A person with eyes as bright and true as yours is no deceiver."

"She [The Boss] asked me to tell you something... "I've never seen someone with such clear eyes."

"I must admit that I'm still not great at interacting with young men. But I think I am finally able to speak to Master Link while looking him in the eyes! Those wonderful eyes... Naturally I still get a little embarrassed... but I can't help it! I always follow his gorgeous gaze with my own. I blame his beautiful blue eyes. Ugh. This is all so strange..."

Web Original

Once again we're presented with a wholly unbelievable romantic angle. MacLean was strangely fixated on the deep feelings that develop between highly skilled agents and random women with large eyes.
Review of The Golden Gate by Alistair MacLean

Real Life

"And those big blue eyes. Like stars. He is glad to see me. I am in heaven. That man has everything to be king."
Joseph Goebbels, describing his first meeting with Hitler in a 1926 diary entry

"It's those sea-green eyes that could make any cold-blooded murderess confess on the spot."


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