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"i suddenly don't understand anything."
John Egbert, Homestuck

Comic number 500 is Monday. I don't have anything particularly special planned, but who knows.
Jeph Jacques, author of Questionable Content (probably laughing his ass off as he typed)

It seems to be chugging along at a good clip along relatively familiar terrain. Now my job is to walk up alongside the story with a crowbar and give it a good, hard WHAM! to move it into a different trajectory.
J. Michael Straczynski, Executive Producer of Babylon 5

"What... the... fuck?"
Desmond Miles, Assassin's Creed II (expressing the player's exact thoughts at that moment)

"This is probably the most appropriate title for this chapter. If you watch this chapter and do not have an eyebrow raised expression of bewilderment and mutter 'what the fuck?!' at least once, then I suggest you seek counseling immediately as something is clearly broken within you."
The Dark Id regarding chapter 12 Chaos in Drakengard.

So, we leave on a note where not only are the heroes beaten and torn, but the villains have taken over even more land, the possible ally has turned back into a villain, and they are hunted more NOW than they have ever been throughout the entire series. Damn! That is HARSH!

It has been 15 minutes since the episode went live and this thread has the word "FUCK" in it 49 times.
Lochen9 on the RWBY episode "PvP"

Peridot recalls the events of "Earthlings" on her Twitter account

Yeah, this is the moment when the series turns to the audience and says "You think you know Magical Girls? Fuck you."



did not see that coming
A comment from a Bungo Stray Dogs reader after having read the 68th chapter.

When we look back, we'll designate today as "The Game Changer." A prehistoric super-bitch revealed herself, the Filth entered Agartha, and a little girl and her teddy bear stood up to god mollusks on the edge of reality.
The talking heads are chattering. I've never seen them like this. We're putting you in a higher pay bracket. It's time to think forward. Think Tokyo. Think Lilith. Think "what the hell is really running Orochi?" There are bigger players, and they're entering the game. The coming days will decide who runs the gameboard when the shit fans stop spinning.
Feel the pressure? You better.
Kirsten Geary in the aftermath of "I Walk Into Empty," The Secret World

"Everything is different now."
Dipper and Mabel (at separate points), Gravity Falls, "The Time Traveler's Pig"

Tsumugu: What the hell is going on?
Aikuro: Don't know, I'm as confused as anyone else.

This right here told me that the show Scrubs was going to be different. This show didn't take the easy road out. It didn't shoot straight for the brain. Make us feel good. Give us something to cheer about. It shoots you straight in the heart. This episode began with "1 in 3 people admitted will die here." And yeah they could have concluded the episode with "But on somedays the odds are better" and have all 3 people survive. Any other show would have done that. But here. This show. They decided a different route. They said "But on somedays the odds are worse." All three patients died because that's how life is. "Love is not a victory march, it's a cold and it's a broken Hallelujah." This show sums up the entirety of the Scrubs series for me. The show is funny, corky, has romance, and love but most of all heart, sadness, death. Hallelujah summarizes that perfectly.

Anne: Oh, and I'm not gonna tell [my parents] I plan to go back and stop Andrias... or that Andrias betrayed us... or that Marcy did, or that Sasha did. And not a word about my weird glowing blue powers! (takes deep breath) Wow. There's a lot going on.
Sprig: Blue powers?
Polly: It was a thing.
Amphibia, "The New Normal"