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Quotes / Well, Excuse Me, Princess!

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Jaune: Just dropping in?... Oh god! Waaaahh! Oof!
Weiss: My hero.
Jaune: My back!

Princess Leia Organa: It's a wonder you're still alive. Will somebody get this walking carpet out of my way?
Han Solo: …no reward is worth this.
Star Wars: Episode IV — A New Hope

Diane: Sam—wait a minute: Now, I don't mean to criticize. In a way, I was complimenting you—I think you can do better!
Sam: I don't want to "do better".
Diane: You're a rapidly aging adolescent!
Sam: Well, I would rather be that than a snob!
Diane: And I would rather be a snob.
Sam: Well, good!—because you are!
Cheers, "Sam's Women"

She's anything but typical.
She's so unpredictable.
Oh, but even at her worst, she ain't that bad.
She's as real as real can be.
And she's every fantasy.
She's every lover that I've never had.
She's Every Woman, Garth Brooks

"That I am unknown to you," said De Bracy, "is indeed my misfortune; yet let me hope that De Bracy's name has not been always unspoken, when minstrels or heralds have praised deeds of chivalry, whether in the lists or in the battle-field."

Asuka: Don't you roll your eyes at me! You're in the big league now. Everyone here—even "Homo boy"—is here because they are the best there is. As the new kid, you are automatically the least of the best.
Shinji: Well, I feel a lot better now that I know the pecking order is well stablished.
Asuka: You better start taking me seriously!
Shinji: Hey. Wait a minute—You're the one who challenged ME to that duel!


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