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*sigh* "Times are tough."
NPC, RPG World

"You're in my way, sir."
Your teammates in SWAT 4

"I say to myself, 'Mario! Take it easy!'"
Vercetti Gang, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

Does talking to any of us sometimes feel repetitive to you? Or is it just me?
Pierce Washington, Saints Row IV

Oh, come on! All they do is walk back and forth spouting the same moron phrases at anyone stupid enough to bump into them.

"There are many guards in the castle!"
NPC, Adventurers!

"Think of the first time you ran into that dude who said 'In the Navy!' in GTA III. By the twentieth time you heard that Navy bite, it broke the illusion of Liberty City as being ever-changing."

"There was a moment when I was gabbing away with another sexy lady when the option came up to initiate a quick knobbing, which went down reasonably well, then afterwards she started repeating dialogue lines she'd been spouting beforehand. "Wow," I thought, "I literally fucked her brain out!"''

"The old adventure game abuse of brute-forcing your way to a solution by combining everything with everything else is just as necessary here as ever. And it's not helped by how quick your characters are to repeat their same hopeless lines of rejection over and over again. It's all cute and funny, until you have a bitter script of denials burned into your memory."

"I can't find where my partner went!"
Burglar Simon, as immortalised by Twitch Plays Pokemon.

"M'aiq speaks with many in his travels. After a time, they seem to repeat themselves. Strange."
M'aiq the Liar, The Elder Scrolls Online

Junpei: There's something weird about this place. No one I talk to listens to me, or answers any of my questions.
Yukari: I ask 'em, "Where is this?" and they say "Yasogami High"... But when I ask, "And where is that?" all they say is, "This Culture Festival is so much fun!"

"All that gives my life validation is explaining the Echo Flower... No one can know..."
NPC speaking into an Echo Flower before you meet them, Undertale

"We had a town greeter before. Actually, I think he was a drunk who thought shouting the name of the town at newcomers was funny."
Child in Erdengard, LuxarenAllure

Archibald: Hyah! I think that enemy got...the point!
Player: Ha! Nice one, Archibald.
Archibald: Hyah! I think that enemy got...the point!
Player: Heh. Yeah....
Archibald: Hyah! I think that enemy got...the point! Hyah! I think that enemy got...the point!
Player: Okay....
Player: Gosh Archibald, do you think that enemy did or did not get the point?
Archibald: Hyah! I think that enemy got...the point!
"It makes me so mad! We build your houses, your castles, your Arrrgh! I'm tired of this speech!"
Whomp King, Super Mario Galaxy 2


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