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"Ah well. It’s not as if horrible clouds of lethal foggy death are exactly a rare occurrence here."

"We live in the middle of nowhere with evil doom fog that seems to make you bleed from every orifice at once. One of the administrators is batshit crazy. We have aquifers just waiting to drown the fort, and are trying to breach into the caverns. We have several elite heavily armoured lunatics who, if they snap, are probably going to paint the halls blood spatter red and body part floor tiles.
If we are lucky we will get a rail cart system too."

"I came in here expecting to read about how all hell broke loose, and seeing every tropers involved scrambling to find a solution to the never ending sieges and self-destructive defences burning your entire fort down.
Instead I find a fort growing along nicely while y'all talk about how boring massive-hemorrhage inducing clouds actually are.
What is
wrong with you people!"

"I'd like to take a moment to stand back and laugh at the fact that we're more of a threat to each-other than death fog, lava, or Hell."

ultimatepheer: Why do you insist on taunting the death fog? Cant we all just get along, singing friendsly songs while roasting marshmallows over a fire fueled by the corpses of elves and demons?
Shadow Dimentio: Implying that there would be a corpse behind and not a liquified pile of giblets after our fortress' best have been given the OK to beat them with sticks.
ultimatepheer: It was a hypothetical scenario. Everyone knows elves don't burn nearly well enough to roast marshmallows over.

Sometimes you have fun, and sometimes Fun has you.

I’m really starting to get fed up with putting out krutzing fires that krutzing Rotpar and krutzing fish started several krutzing years ago.


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