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Quotes / Vodka Drunkenski

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"Oh, I'm not saying that alcohol is perfect. It has caused its share of problems. Russia is only one example."
Dave Barry, I'll Mature When I'm Dead

"I drink to prepare for a fight. Tonight, I am VERY prepared!"
Soda Popinski, Punch-Out!!

"Badass Russians only have three emotions: revenge, depression, and vodka."
Larry Correia, Monster Hunter Alpha

Commander Donnelly: Since I figure cops are cops the world over, how do you Soviets deal with all the tension and stress?
Ivan Danko: Vodka.


"The Yamato is loaded... and so am I!"
'The (Russian-accented) Terran Battlecruiser captain in StarCraft II''

Bart Simpson: So you're from Russia, huh?
Russian IOC representative: (proud) Da!
Bart Simpson: You drunk yet?
Russian IOC representative: (ashamed) Da...
— "The Old Man and the C-Student", The Simpsons

Olive: Look carefully ladies, this is your future.
Lily: Is it vodka?
Olive: Water.
Lily: Hm. As in Russian for vodka?


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