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"Usually the people they piss off are either on the conservative or liberal extremes, but these voices are always loud enough to keep Disney just a little bit on edge."

Now, I only do insurance statistics as a hobby, but according to my numbers, this particular war on the Catholic church affected the lower half of approximately one specific guy. Instead of calling all those belligerent religious pundits into the studio, maybe they could have taken up a collection to reimburse that guy for the condom.

If there's one thing that any popular video game did, it got people to like it. There are actually a lot of people who love these games, buy products, and are legitimate fans of the series. You'd never know this by looking on the developers' official boards, though.
— A random internet musing.

"Ten percent of the people cause ninety percent of the problems."
— The 90/10 rule

"Ten people who speak make more noise than ten thousand who are silent."

"While we're sure that ninety nine percent of [Doctor Who's] fanbase are lovely people, the very vocal one percent tend to ruin everything for everyone."
Rebecca Brayton, "Top 10 Times a Fanbase Went Too Far"

"...Every fandom has people like this in it, and because people like this tend to be the most vocal, it is these negative people who tend to be what the fandom is best remembered for once it starts to die out."'
AJ22, "Criticism and Steven Universe"

"Roseanne has always been a racist weirdo, and James Gunn has always pushed the bounds of good taste with his humor. What changed was the involvement of internet mobs. By capitulating to the Twitter rage of a few thousand assholes, Disney is subtly teaching us that online mobs, no matter how stupid their platform, can make a difference. It doesn't matter if they're right, as long as they're loud. And that's great when it means firing a sex offender, but it's a hell of a lot less great when it means ousting somebody for a joke they already apologized for years ago. [...] In none of these cases are there any kind of core values that the company is adhering to. They'll support or censor whatever appeases the most zealous crowd. Which means they're incentivizing trolls to become bigger and bigger assholes, because it's the only thing that works."

"The sensible people that really appreciate what you're doing don't even comment on videos, so you never even know. And that's not just for me. Like, if you appreciate anybody who does stuff on the internet, I guarantee you they don't get enough people telling them that they actually matter. It just doesn't happen. Be a nice person. There's enough mean people."


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