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Jim's Now A Blind Cave Salamander!
Earthworm Jim 2 level title

Who puts a bomb in a dating game?
Il Palazzo, Excel Saga

This is a sin. This is a true sin! An ultimate crime against the entire gaming community! I mean, what if after Super Mario World, Nintendo came out with a teaser trailer for Super Mario 64, and upon release day you were greeted with Mario City Simulator! And then you turn on the game and Shigeru Miyamoto's ghost comes out all like "Aw, who fuckin' likes the old Mario games, am I right? BRB, making Legend of Zelda: Modern Warfare!"
JonTron reviews Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts

Player Character: Man, the shooting in this is really well-executed, I love how it feels.
Questgiver: It's time for egg delivery!
Player Character: What?
Questgiver: Can you deliver sixty eggs?
Player Character: I don't-I don't want to.
Questgiver: Too bad! It's mandatory. And if you run out of time you have to start over!

Knuckles: I won't let you have the unlimited power of the Stamford branch!
Dr. Robotnik: There's only one way to settle this!
Knuckles & Dr. Robotnik: Dance Off!

There are times when I just want to fold my arms, sit down and wait until the game makes its bloody mind up!
Yahtzee reviews the The Chronicles of Riddick game


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