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    Anime & Manga 

Pui Pui: You might've noticed that my planet is very different from yours. It's the gravity, ten times stronger than Earth! [picks up a stone and drops it; it falls extremely fast and sinks into the ground] Your hopes of winning are falling faster than that stone! You won't leave here alive! [manic laughter]
Vegeta: [chuckles]
Pui Pui: ...!
Vegeta: Maybe, if this was five hundred times Earth's gravity, you might have an advantage. But ten!? I don't even feel it.
Pui Pui: ... Y-you're just bluffing! I know you are!
Vegeta: Maybe I am. Hard to tell. [effortlessly dodges Pui Pui's punches and sends him flying into a boulder] So, do you still think I'm bluffing?

"Sometimes, mermaids can devour tigers."
Kagura Mikazuchi showing Sabertooth guild who's boss, Fairy Tail

You fools!! In battle, if you let your opponent see you're winded, it's the same as throwing away most of your chance of victory!! Watch carefully and learn the intensity of the battlefield...
Random Mook believing Guts to be tired during his Extreme Mêlée Revenge, Berserk

Sophia: (angrily) "Tell me you're joking! Why is Anna there with those terrorists??"
Matsukage: (smugly) "Calm down, dear."
Sophia: "Huh?"
Matsukage: "I'm sure she's just gathering intel. Oboro is with her."
Sophia: "You really think that clueless dummy can protect our little girl?!"
(scene immediately shifts to Oboro sprinting down the hall to save Anna)
Shimoneta, episode 11

You made the mistake of thinking of me as a mere powerless girl, Mr. Mage.

Einhart: Huh? Vivio's mothers will be in the mock battle?
Vivio: Yep! They're always pushing themselves!
Einhart: Even though those two seem like beautiful, family-oriented, warm-hearted mothers... I'm a bit surprised that they would participate in a magic battle.
(Nove nearly bursts into laughter)
Vivio: I wouldn't say they just "participate."

    Comic Books 

White Martian: You must be Aquaman. What can you do? You can't fly or run fast, can you? Your skin may be tough, but not so tough I can't just cut through. What can you do, apart from talk to fish?
Aquaman: Let me think. I can locate your brain's basal ganglia, the part you inherited from your marine ancestors. And, just for starters, I can give you a seizure.
(The martian collapses to the ground, convulsing)

Karnak: Well... I was expecting them to send someone. But not you, Ms Grey.
Jean Grey: No? Who did you expect?
Karnak: I thought they would send one of the warriors. Logan, maybe.
Jean Grey: My feelings are hurt, Karnak. I've always considered myself a warrior.
Karnak: You are a child. And you are out of your depth, Ms. Grey. Peharps if you'd snuck up on— Wait— that's odd... Déjà Vu.
Jean Grey: That's because it's the fourth time we've had this same conversation. I actually arrived six hours ago.
Karnak: Oh. I'll get out of this, you know, Ms. Grey.
Jean Grey: I know. But by then it will be too late.

He believes he's already won. He thinks I'm stupid. It's okay. I like being underestimated.

Eamon: We can take this guy!
Polly: Eamon. That guy is the Punisher. We have to go.

He thinks I'm weak. He thinks I won't do it...

Why everybody underestimate me?
Grimlock, Transformers

"I have not forgotten your powers, Superman, but it seems that you underestimate mine! That is not your first mistake in dealing with me, my mortal friend. But I do promise it shall be your last!"
Lord Satanis, Two for the Death of One

All right— So maybe there is more between your ears than cottage cheese as I always thought, Superboy

Dad thinks I'm too short. My Sensei thinks I'm too "girly". But just like the principles of Jujitsu— I use their expectations against them. That will be their weakness. Not mine. Let them all underestimate me.

Captain Marvel: He's blowing me off the rooftop— with a blast of super-breath! Looks like I've underestimated the Big Red S— But that's one mistake I'm going to correct pronto!

Amalak: "If I cannot take Superman's life...I shall settle for his career! You, however, are less resourceful than your cousin— I can kill you— easily!"
Supergirl: "Can you? Your weapon merely stunned me earlier!"
Amalak: I shall be happy to lay your doubts to rest...along with your dead body!"
One punch later
Supergirl: (thinking)
"Amalak never had a chance!"''


    Fan Works 

[The group has been slapping Kuyou around and knocked him into the gymnasium building]
Rason: I gotta say, this guy isn't so hard.
Ahakon: Yeah, this creep is a joke.
Inner Moka: Don't be so sure of yourself. He hasn't begun to fight yet.
Ahakon: What do you mean? He hasn't managed to get one hit on us yet.
[the gymnasium building begins to shake, and flames shoot out of the wall]
Kurumu: That's because he hasn't been trying yet.
Mizore: It's about to get hotter here.
Gin: Get ready, he's coming!
[A fireball shoots out from the gymnasium, and the group narrowly manages to dodge]
Kuyou: Such arrogant talk from such weaklings. [emerges from the building in his Ultimate Battle Form]

[Scootaloo's] superiors had saw her skill and talent, allowing her a chance to prove herself by taking over the basic training of many of the pegasi who had joined from the Fire Tribe lands, but they all scoffed when they found out her handicap. It tended to remain that way until she drove them face first into the ground, choking on their own feathers. Just because she couldn't fly, after all, didn't mean her wings didn't work.

I nodded, "that's true," my smile was mirthless, "remember what I said about the strong using the weak to get stronger?" the filly nodded hesitantly, "well, the son-of-a-mule thought that he was stronger than one of them; and he was wrong. Got killed for his trouble. Served him right."

"It's the Healer!" she yelled, cleaving through the green wall. "we can ta-"(Shamal takes down them all with a Single-Stroke Battle)

Mala's eyes went wide with pain and surprise. He'd expected this job to be a walk. Two of them against a girl? No problem. Three of them had taken down the great Superman.
Now, the pain in his abdomen and his lack of breath were forcing him to reconsider matters.

The prismatic explosion and small mushroom cloud that followed shook the ground, and Twilight saw Flash shield his face and lose his balance in the air from the shockwave. She grabbed him with telekinesis and lowered him next to her, where the Soul Reaper gave her an astonished look.
"Yeah, think this cinches it, definitely underestimated you ponies."
Twilight couldn't help but smile. "We have our moments."

I'd almost started to laugh again. What was she going to do? Then I got my answer. Applejack swiftly turned and bucked the tree she was just inspecting. A rain of apples, still not yet ripe for harvest, began falling down. What happened next was almost too ridiculous to believe.
As the apples fell, Applejack spun around, and somehow manage to buck dozens of them in a row with perfect precision, her legs moving so fast that they were practically a blur. The result was me being pelted with a stream of rapid-fire projectiles, almost like a machine gun that had been loaded with apples instead of bullets. And since none of the apples were ripe, each of them was nearly as hard as a rock.

Berserker: I would like to meet him, in Armagetto or any other place. I would take his Astro-Force and force it into his guts, before I ripped his body asunder.
Darkseid: Underestimating my first son’s power would be like unto underestimating my own. All too many battles are lost thru one’s own arrogance, and thru underestimation of the enemy. This will not be done. Agreed?

Bulletman and Bulletgirl hurtled themselves towards the Black Rat, their old enemy, who wore his familiar rat costume. Both were empowered by the gravity helmets they wore, and the sera that coursed through their bodies. The Black Rat only had his clawlike finger extensions to rely on.
At least, that was what the heroes thought before they bounced off his body like rubber balls.

"Karshov was right," she said in Russian. "This Flash is so much easier than the other one."
A yellow boot kicked her in the chest and she went spinning backwards, and didn't stop until she bashed into Molotov.
The Flash dragged himself to his feet. "I don't know any Russian," he said, "but I don't care for your tone of voice, lady."

Fuyutsuki: "That's exactly it. The records of..."
Gendo: "Everything that's gone on in the command center up to this point. They've obtained them and have studied them quite carefully."
Fuyutsuki: "But... how? The security..."
Gendo: "They are more resourceful than we had anticipated. Be thankful they are working for us, and not for SEELE."

    Films — Live Action 

"You came light. A four man crew, for me? Fucking insulting."
Richard B. Riddick, The Chronicles of Riddick

Gordon: What about this "Joker" guy?
Batman: One man or the entire mob? He can wait.

Loki: ENOUGH! You are all of you beneath me! I am a god, you dull creature! And I will not be bullied by—
*Loki gets grabbed and slammed against the floor repeatedly*
Hulk: Puny god.
Loki: *whimpers in pain*

Billy Jack: I'm gonna take this right foot, and I'm gonna whop you on that side of your face... and you wanna know something? There's not a damn thing you're gonna be able to do about it.
Mr. Posner: [sarcastically] Really.
Billy Jack: [nodding] Really. [does exactly what he promised]

Viggo: It's not what you did, my son, that angers me so. It's who you did it to.
Iosef: Who? The fuckin' nobody?
Viggo: That fuckin' nobody... is John Wick.

Archie: I'd be careful of these Russians, Lennie. They ain't no respecters of the old school.
Lennie Cole: Bollocks. There's no school like the old school, and I'm the fucking headmaster.
Rock N Rolla note 


"That? That is the whelp? You mean to tell me this girlish boy is the devastator of my army? I don't believe you. I refuse to believe you. I have better warriors than that in slave collars!"
Queen Maeve, meeting Cu Chulainn, The Cattle Raid of Cooley

    Live Action TV 

"Don't worry about [the Winchesters]?'" What, like Lucifer didn't worry? Or Michael, or Lilith, or Alastair, or Azazel didn't worry? Am I the only game piece on the board who doesn't underestimate those denim-wrapped nightmares?!"
Crowley, Supernatural

[Giles is researching info on Spike]
Giles: Our new friend Spike. He's known as "William the Bloody". Earned his nickname by torturing his victims with railroad spikes. Very pleasant. Well, here's some good news: he's barely two hundred. He's not even as old as Angel is. [reads further and frowns] Oh.
Xander: That's a bad look, right?
Giles: I think your suggestion of running away this Saturday might've been a good one. Spike has fought two Slayers in the last century, and... he's killed them both.

Ace: Who are you calling small!? [proceeds to attack Dalek with a baseball bat]

"The first thing you notice about the Doctor of War is he's unarmed. For many it's also the last."
Soldier, Doctor Who, "Hell Bent"

Caitlin: Barry has superpowers. Oliver has a bow and arrow.
Diggle: Do you have any idea how many people Oliver has killed using that bow and arrow?

Ben McKittrick: You know, I have heard about you. You don't feed. You won't be strong enough to defeat me. (attacks) Is that all you got?
Stefan: No. (grabs a flamethrower) I got this too. (roasts him alive)

Hardison: He's just a kid, Nate. How bad could it get?
Nate: How many grown men said that about you while you were raining digital fire down on their lives?
Hardison: Haha, now I'm worried.
Leverage, "The Experimental Job"

"Just because someone doesn't like to fight, doesn't mean they can't."

    Tabletop Games 

Too late, Nero realized his mistake. When he was young, in Tilea, he had heard legends of the great strength of the Lords of the Night, but he had never seen that in his former teacher, who resembled a rotting carcass. He had never imagined that Nicodemus could move so fast - never imagined that he could burst through those skeletons so easily - never imagined that those wizened hands could break his neck so quickly.
Warhammer: Vampire Counts Army Book (6th edition)

The "destabilizing element" zigzagging through the desert sky was a man in his thirties. He wore a long black beard, a black turban, and an ornately embroidered vest that his mother had made for him when he left home to take his apprenticeship. It was faded now, and in many places, scorched. His name was Khalil Mahmud ibn Hijazi, and he was sitting on a carpet. Specifically, he was sitting on a blue and white flying carpet that he had woven himself.
Inside the cockpit, Rogers was eagerly engaging the plane's extraordinary tracking and weapons system. He looked forward to this kill. Reality Deviants (RDs for short) in the west at least had the common sense to know their place in the paradigm and stay out of sight. Here in the Rub al-Khali, toward the bottom of the Arabian Peninsula, they seemed to be getting a little out of hand; or, as his father had said about the blacks, "downright uppity." He was looking forward to teaching this one, at least, that there was no room in the world for rebellious anachronisms.
His first barrage of heat-seeking missiles would have been more than enough to neutralize the RD, but something went wrong: they never detached from the wings of the plane. Nevertheless, they exploded just as they were supposed to.
Mage: The Ascension - Lost Paths

“What? You think this assignment is going to be easy, greenhorn? I've fought these witches before, and let me tell you who else wore a stupid outfit. Superman with his underwear outside his tights. This is not a cakewalk, and if you don't shape up you won’t be coming home. I've seen skilled veterans empty entire clips and hit nothing but air. I've seen little girls walk off bullets at point blank range. And rookie, you will never ever laugh at a Barbie magic wand that shoots rainbows once you've seen those rainbows melt the flesh off a man's bones. Oh god, I can still smell it.”

The hunter chose the horned beast in the hoodie first: a sharp kick to the virilities, and the bull-man was down. Next was the troll with the long, Black Annis fingers: she was still gawking when the baseball bat smashed into her temple. But when the hunter rounded on the third member of the Motley, he realized he'd prioritized his prey all wrong. The waif held a blade near-long as she was, a crimson cloth knotted around its guard, and its point was already at his throat.
"When I started sharpening this sword, ten years ago," she whispered, "it was a knife the size of my finger."

No, no, they didn't look dangerous, more like a bunch of rich kids out to show off in their new armour. Very flashy they were, all gems and silk. We'll have a bit of fun, we thought. Easy pickings, we thought. Well, anyone can make a mistake. Poor old captain Malvino, last mistake he ever made...
Overheard In The Old Pig and Whistle, Warhammer: Dogs Of War Army Book (5th Edition)

Although a Lord of Change elects to use magic and trickery to further his ends, he is still a fearsome fighter. Countless heroes have underestimated these strange creatures, thinking their wiry frames and fluttering wings fragile. Only when lances and swords shatter against the Daemon's skin and his mighty talons shred armour like paper, do his assailants realize the terrible depth of their mistake...
Warhammer: Daemons of Chaos Army Book (8th edition)

At first, the enemy believes victory to be theirs for the taking. Who are these once-men, these warrior automatons who have sacrificed their humanity on an altar of uncaring iron? Do they expect to prevail simply by walking into the teeth of the enemy guns? The answers are slow to dawn and terrifying. The Cult Mechanicus cares not if a million Skitarii are blasted apart, for in killing them, the enemy yield their secrets to hungry eyes. One cohort dies, only for another to take its place and fight on all the harder. The calculations are complete, the simulations run: whatever the enemy may field, the Skitarii have already deployed the countermeasures and more besides. Surrender falls on deaf ears, for it is worth nothing to the dark scientists of the Cult Mechanicus. So the death toll spirals ever higher.
Warhammer 40,000: Codex - Skitarii

The Clanners made the worst mistake possible you can make when looking at an opponent: they dismissed him as a joke, and failed to respect him... and for that, he fucking broke them.
—Tex Talks BattleTech, on the character Anastasius Focht


    Video Games 

"Advantage of being salarian. Turian, krogan, vorcha, all obvious threats. (sharp inhale) Never see me coming."
Mordin Solus, Mass Effect 2

Kouji Kabuto: You're not getting away, Gadlight! We're gonna settle accounts today!
Gadlight Meonsam: “You're not getting away”? Don't make me laugh, Earthling! Looks like you still don't understand the gap in power between us! Someone like you doesn't have a snowflake's chance in Hell of beating me!
Kouji: You know about all of the villains who've said that and underestimate us!? Not a Black Hole, Fallen Angels, the Mycenae, or Sphere Reactors have been able to stop us!
Gadlight: Then I'll have to shove your faces down into despair!
Kouji: Just try it! We won't hand our future to someone like you!
— Scenario 58, Third Super Robot Wars Z: Jigoku-hen

You've gone far enough. Neloth is a fool to think he could send some low life to finish me off.
Ildari Sarothril to the Dragonborn, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, Dragonborn

"The befuddled look frozen on Brainiac's dead face is one I shall always relish. Even as I ripped the head from his body, the alien couldn't believe that an ape was taking his life."
Gorilla Grodd (in his Arcade ending), Injustice 2

Malgros the Defiler: (Evil Laugh) Look who it is... Strife.
Strife: Know who I am?
Malgros: Yeah. I met your sister once. She was a lot bigger than you. (Evil Laugh) But not as pretty. What do you want, little Horseman?
Strife: (clears throat) Malgros, the Defiler... for conspiring with Lucifer... committing countless crimes against all of creation... and by order of the Council... I hereby sentence you... to death.
Malgros: Oh! (Evil Laugh, inspiring the other demons in his court to laugh with him) You come into my place... alone... threaten me... and think you just walkin' outta here?!
Strife: It... does sound funny, hearin' you say it.
Malgros: I'm gonna count to three... If you're still standin' here, I'm gonna defile your corpse in ways you can't possibly imagine. Feed what's left to my boys. Horse meat's their favourite. One...
Strife: Two-three! (subjects Malgros to two headshots) Sorry. (fires a remaining bullet into Malgros' head) We're in a hurry. (his brother War plunges into Malgros' hall and stands with him) Oh, and, uh... I'm not alone.

"You and your kind may play mortals for weaklings and fools, and that may be fitting for some, but you underestimate me."

Artanis: Have faith, Zeratul! You almost sound as if you fear these humans. What are they to such as we? Was it not we who defeated the dreaded Overmind?
Zeratul: Yes, Artanis, we did vanquish the Overmind. But we did so with the help of humans. Do not be so quick to underestimate them.
StarCraft: Brood War

    Web Animation 

They see you as small and helpless
They see you as just a child
Surprise when they find out that a warrior will soon run wild
RWBY, "This Will Be The Day"

Sharkface: I underestimated you.
Carolina: We get that a lot.
Red vs. Blue, "Temple of the Key"

    Web Comics 

Charlie: Your new counterpart: Parson Gotti, Lord Hamster of Gobwin Knob. The more-than-perfect warlord. He is the most dangerous being in Erfworld.
Tramennis: What, behind the potato?
Charlie: I'll send you a dossier.

You're just like my father! You underestimated her and she bested you! She is a Heterodyne! Doesn't that mean anything to you?!?
Gilgamesh Wulfenbach, dressing down Captain Vole after the latter got utterly trounced by the titular heroine Agatha, Girl Genius

Martellus: You have NO idea what she's capable of!
Xersperina: So tell me. I love a good Heterodyne story. But Martellus, this is real life. It's not as if she's in her own lab, or even her own town. She's 'kilometers from Mechanicsburg, trapped in our OWN fortress, in the dead of winter. What could she possibly do? And why do you have that idiotic look on your face?
Girl Genius

I was a little too optimistic, all three at the same time, it's too much!

    Web Original 

"[Sunburst]’s been a superheroine for at least forty years! Forty YEARS. In that time, she’s had dozens if not hundreds of dynamorph challenges; by this time, she’s probably got one of the most powerful dynamorphs in the world. And in all that time, she’s never been the acknowledged leader of the California Crusaders. BUT, she’s always the ‘elder statesman’, the one that everyone listens to, the one with the final say.
"Mother, Sunburst is DANGEROUS! The only reason that a woman like that would allow herself to be disregarded as a giddy bimbo is that that was exactly how she wanted to be seen! She is underestimated, which means that she can get away with murder when she wants to. During that first summer [as Sunburst's ward], I was constantly trying to get away, and I could never pull it off, yet it always, ALWAYS looked like a pure fluke, and I could never quite be sure whether it was just bad luck or not. Most of the chessplayers who could pull something off like that have an ego that needs to rub their sucker’s face in exactly how badly they’ve been played. Sunny doesn’t have that.”
Nacht, "Silent Nacht, part 2", Whateley Universe

Shirou: Go ahead and cast whatever spell you want, Rin! You're a Mage, but that also means you've probably neglected your body! Once I get up there, you're toast.
Rin: ... You think I'm weak because I'm a Mage?
Shirou: Yeah! ... Logically!
Rin: Oh, Shirou... (Psychotic Smirk) This is going to be all too easy. [...] (proceeds to chase Shirou by casting magic while jumping around with enhanced reflexes) LOOK HOW WEAK I AM, SHIROU! I'M SO OUT OF SHAPE, SHIROU!

"Meh, I can take her."

"He doesn't say 'I'm warning you' unless he's warning you! The same way that 'Get off my lawn' is followed by an asskicking, remember?"
SF Debris, reviewing the Batman Beyond pilot episode "Rebirth"

    Western Animation 

"The Commander was wrong; you are dangerous! Too dangerous to leave alive!"

Jeong-Jeong: Nothing I taught you prepared you for the Avatar.
Zhao: I think I can handle a child.

Lex Luthor: What makes you think you can kill Superman when you can't even defeat a mere mortal in a Halloween costume?
The Joker (menacingly): There's nothing mere about that mortal!
Superman: The Animated Series, "World's Finest"

I underestimated you when we first met. You caught me off-guard. I'm not making the same mistake twice! (one clash of blades later) And I have a few new moves of my own!
Carver to Aerrow, Storm Hawks

Batgirl: I don't waste my time with punk amateurs.
Paris Franz: Oh, baby...I think you've misjudged me.

Be assured, I will never underestimate you again.
Megatron, Transformers: Prime