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Quotes / Uncanny Valley Makeup

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"My chola cousins spend at least one full hour painting up their faces and not since Michelangelo painted the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel has such intricate work been done. They are serious about giving glamour in the face at all times. They will leave the house in stained sweats and a hole-y Garfield shirt as long as their face says, 'Just stepped out of a Glamour Shot.' From the neck down, they’re giving 'People of Walmart,' but from the neck up, they’re giving 'MAC Store Assistant Manager.' Because their painted up face is their everything, they’re one step away from walking around with a plexiglass mask on and a taser in each hand. They don’t like anyone getting near their Wet ‘N Wild beauty and if I got a tube of lipstick for every time they said, 'No kisses, bitch,' to me while air hugging me from afar, I’d have ten million tubes of lipstick, which would last my cousins about a week."

"You are wearing makeup. Makeup is a corruption invented by Fallen angels. You also look... dreadful. Like a tarted-up clown. Ease back on it."
Power epically burning Asahi, Shin Megami Tensei IV: Apocalypse


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