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Quotes / Umineko: When They Cry

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Can you win an argument with an opponent in a screwed up world, where multiple truths can exist at the same time?

Please, don't be afraid of being happy. Being happy isn't the same thing as accepting your current misfortune. It means creating a new happiness out of your current misfortune. That is the Magic of Origins.

Ange: ......If I told you that I was a real witch, would you believe it?
Professor Ootsuki: Hahhahhahha. My pet theory from my few experiences with women is that they are all witches.

...Without love, ...the truth... cannot be 'seen'...

...Without love, it cannot be 'seen'? ...... Hah. That's backwards.
Because of love, you end up 'seeing' things that don't even exist.

...Because of our arrogance in thinking that only one truth exists, ...whenever we find one truth, we get blinded to all others.

Closed rooms do appears a lot in mystery novels. And books often use the phrase 'it could only conceivably have been done with magic'. ...And here I am, with a witch right before my eyes. It's a complicated feeling

Umineko is about fiction, the power it holds, writing a story, abusive and self destructive behaviours, relationships, corruption and purity...
But it’s also the story about how a guy blindly argues against the most genre savvy woman on the planet, a man invests in moon tourism, psycho lesbians torture a man with a self insert, and math and tv tropes are crucial parts of combat
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