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Quotes from Ultimate X-Men

Guy: Sir, what are you doing?
Wraith: (shooting Wolverine in a cell) The same thing we used to do every night when there was nothing good on TV. Remembers the laughs we used to have with that healing factor of yours, Wolverine? You could shoot him, stab him, crack his head open with an iron bar... his mutant healing hability meant that he could always just piece himself back toguether again. Hell, Big Jim Grant even doused him in gasoline and set him alight one time, and he was still up for Weapon X's operation in Nicaragua two days later!

Wraith: Your butt belongs to us, Wolverine. We caught you, we trained you and we rebuilt you to be the security service's number one killing machine. It's time you learned that the only way anyone leaves Weapon X is in a bodybag, son.

Wolverine: Hurry up with that lock, tubby. I'm losing the scent of that cheap cologne Wraith's mistress buys him for christmass.
Beast: You know, considering we are the ones breaking you out of this place, I really don't appreciate these comments about my weight, Wolverine.
Wolverine: (after being released) Well, don't eat so much, butterball (and runs away)

Jean Grey: Wolverine, NO! Don't kill him! I can't imagine what that animal put you through over the years, but murder him out here like this and all you're going to do is prove that the papers are right about us.
Wolverine: Babe, do I look like the kind of guy who lies awake at night worrying about the public's perception of mutants?
Jean Grey: You've had a hard enough day, big man. Don't make me hurt you.

Toad: He's in, but we were bloody lucky this time, Magneto. I mean, what were the chances of those Weapon X tossers crawling out of the woodwork like that? And who the heck gave them details of when our New York connection was meeting Wolverine at JFK?
Magneto: Oh, who do you think, Toad? It was me, you idiot.
Scarlet Witch: What?
Magneto: The shadow-world's most highly trained assassin rings his doorbell and Charles Xavier isn't supposed to be suspicious? Credit him with some intelligence, please. A little sleight of hand, and our dear Charles actually sought out the man I sent to kill him...

Wolverine: (killing the X-Men) I feel like I'm cracking heads in the Spina Bifida ward here. You badly trained morons were dead the minute you looked me in the eye. The only real question I had was whether my adamantium claws were tougher than this russian' clown's organic metal shell. But I guess the eight pints of rhesus negative seeping out onto the grass answer that, right, professor?
Charles Xavier: I would be lying if I said I wasn't impressed on some primitive level, Wolverine... but you're only supposed to wrestle your fellow X-Men in this danger room exercises, not hack them to pieces.

"God! You know why people hate you? It's not because you're mutants. It's because you're all a bunch of @#$@#$ $@$%@ ##@$!! That's why!!"
Spider-Man, Ultimate Spider-Man, Issue 69.

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