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Quotes / Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny

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"Bring it, bitches!"

"You've got a blackbelt in stupid if you think you're gonna beat me."
Spiderman to Batman, Death Battle note 

"Who can stop this constipated jock,
With the awful animation and the complicated plot?
Who's got the rap bombs to drop on Japan?
This looks like a job for the OG! Superman!"
Superman to Goku, Epic Rap Battles of History, "Goku vs. Superman"

Ragna: Who are you? Outta my way, or you're dead...
Ragna: You gotta be kidding me. Let's get this over with!
Sol Badguy (in Japanese): I'll burn you to a crisp.
Death Battle note 

If two characters
from pop culture had a fight,
who wins, and who dies?
Zeh Monsieur in a Death Battle haiku.

"Someone asked me yesterday if Dracula met Saruman and there was a fight who would win. I just looked at this man. What an idiotic thing to say. I mean, really, it was half-witted."
Christopher Lee apparently has no love for this trope.

I will stop at nothing to kill the Slenderman he thinks he is so much better than me because he kidnaps!

Spock drops Logan like a particularly illogical piece of trash. The Enterprise wouldn't see someone switched off so quickly again until Commander Data arrived.

I don't care if the Hulk could defeat the Man of Steel
I'm gonna rearrange your face if you continue to debate
Whether Logan's claws could pierce Steve Rogers' shield
Ookla the Mok, "Stop Talking About Comic Books or I'll Kill You"

As the hulk reared back his head, And let forth his great yell,
Popeye didst open his spinach can, And downed it with one swill,
The 2 strong men in children's shows, Were ready to square off,
But then, as they exchanged first blows, A professer in the corner coughed.
He said, "As you can see from this diagram, The multiverse hast been breached,
And because of your two meeting, The surrounding place has reached,
A critical mass, as you might say, And it will start to fill,
With heros who are just like you, And will keep on filling until,
One, triumphant, blazes forth, And he defeats you all,
And so, I say, get yer raincoat on, Because the multiverse's about to squall!
Grudge Match Comment on Popeye vs. The Incredible Hulk

Fake poster for "Backyard War", Cracked, If Every Children's Game Was Turned Into A Movie

Shazam: Henceforth it shall be your sacred duty to defend the poor and helpless, right wrongs and crush evil everywhere.
Linkara!Shazam: Also, to constantly get into fights with Superman when the writers want someone who's a match for him.
Atop the Fourth Wall: Whiz Comics #2

Francisco Scaramanga: I could have shot you down when you landed, but that would have been ridiculously easy. You see, Mr. Bond, like every great artist, I want to create an indisputable masterpiece once in my lifetime: The death of 007, mano a mano, will be mine.
James Bond: You mean stuffed and mounted over your rocky mantelpiece?
Scaramanga: It's an amusing idea, but I was thinking more in terms of history. A duel between titans. My golden gun against your Walther PPK. Each of us a 50-50 chance.
Bond: Six bullets to your one?
Scaramanga: I only need one.
Bond: Pistols at dawn; it's a little old-fashioned, isn't it?
Scaramanga: That it is. But it remains the only true test for gentlemen.
Bond: On that score, I doubt you qualify. However, I accept.


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