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"After losing his memory to a mysterious battle, Trace Legacy, a former leader for an organization of mages called the Templar, finds himself in the company of Flora, a girl of strange, tiger-like qualities. As Trace gradually begins to re-learn what he once knew, he soon discovers that Flora belongs to a race of people who are enemies of his kind. As friendship conflicts with racial differences, Trace and Flora find themselves in a situation more critical than either of them can imagine."

Flora: *in human language* If Trace gives me trouble, I'll just kill him myself!!
Trace: K-kill me?!
Flora: *in keidran language* <Uh... what language did I say that in again?>

[Database Error]: Stupid animal. Don't you know this is a human town?
Keith: I already told you! I'm not a Keidran!
[Database Error]: It doesn't matter... You're not human!

[Database Error]: Twerp! I guess you'll want to take care of him yourself, right Trace?
Trace: *nasty grin* Yeah, I'll "help him out."
[scene cut]
Trace: *pleasantly* So, what can I do for you?
[Database Error]: That's not what I meant!

[Database Error]: Furry-eared freaks, I'll—
Karen: Ahem... *waggles furry ears*
[Database Error]: Oh, Karen, you know I... didn't mean... yours look good on you— Ah! Get her off of me! Ow, not there! Stop! Ack! Help, she's biting me! Someone help! Aah!
Maren: Moron.

He is strong, there is no doubt. But he has no heart. He does as we say, he follows our orders. But I don't think we've seen what he can really do. If he were to have some real goal... something or someone to really care about... Then we'd see real power.
Grand Templar, on Trace Legacy, Page #32

Keith: [Keidran] are a race of monsters. We should kill her now, while we have the chance. You don't understand, since you've lost your memories. But just look at her! She's the pure essence of evil!
Flora: Butterfly! *chases butterfly*
Keith: Um... yeah... see, what'd I tell you? Pure... evil.

Trace: Oh, by the way, I got you something. *holds out necklace* Here! It's a... um... what was it called?
Flora: *recoiling in shock* Meeeaarr!!!
Trace: *thinking* Ah, crap. I've done something stupid again, haven't I?

What's that noise? Oh, sounds like Trace is screaming in his sleep again. I'm worried about him.
Flora, Page #41

Flora: No... I ran. Why did I run? Now he really will think I was going to kill him. What am I going to do? Why do I feel so confused over some human? I wonder what he'll do if he finds me?
[cue Imagine Spot]
Worst Case: Flora, your betrayal has triggered my memories... die!
Best Case: Flora, I killed Keith. Let's have sex.

Flora: Trace! Trace!
Trace: Oh, Flora! Sorry, I must have been day dreaming. Heh heh. I must still be... 'cause it looks like you're naked again.
Flora: Mmrr...

Sythe: I'll kill you for this, Trace! *charges forward*
Maren: Oh, no you don't! Not before I kill him first! *pulls him back by tail*
[Database Error]: In the name of meaningless battle! *attacks Tom*

Trace: We're lost, aren't we?
Keith: No! I just need to find... a landmark.
Trace: Landmark? The only thing on the map is the word "forest". You aren't looking for a giant letter "T" or something, are you?
Keith: Uhh...

Templar Acolyte: Grand Templar? I hope I'm not interrupting. I just wanted to tell you that I'm a big fan of yours! Um, I also hope you don't mind, but I went and brought your wife here. She's been worried sick about you.
Trace: Oh... uh... thanks. Wait... MY WHAT?!

Neutral: So, you wish to fight a god? Fine by me! *casts bolt of lightning*
Trace: Ack! *magically throws crate to block blast*
Neutral: You used... a crate. I mean, really... a crate? Come on.

Maren: I demand you let me see Trace right now!
Keith: I'll tell you what I told everyone else. Trace and Flora are tired, so they're both resting. The room is magically sealed, so if you want to talk to Trace... I guess you'll have to wait 'till later.
Maren: How dare you? Do you know who I am?
Keith: Does it look like I care?

*carrying Trace* Huff... If it wasn't for the fact that I still need you for my mission... Well... I'd probably still save your ass. But then I wouldn't have an excuse for it.
Keith, Page #188

[Flora and Natani are talking]
Trace: I can't understand a word they're saying.
Keith: Oh, Flora's trying to get us killed in our sleep.
Trace: What?!

How do you guys expect to get a ship? You're both wanted by the humans. And a traveling group of "animals" and a guy with blue hair isn't exactly what I would call "inconspicuous". Unless there's some huge distraction, I don't see how we're getting in. [whiz-FLASH!] that a firework?
Keith, Page #258

Keith: Trace, I don't trust this guy at all. Someone is organizing these events, I'm sure.
Trace: You think it's a trap?
Keith: I'm not sure... Somehow, I think someone knows what we're after. What are the chances that we'd meet a guy who just happens to have a ship?
Trace: I dunno... this guy seems pretty harmless.
Eric: *examining Flora* You have the most wonderful fur pattern, my dear!
Flora: Erm, thank you... I think...
Eric: I mean it! Your fur is absolutely lovely. It's neat and clean, perfectly even... *flips tail up to look at her backside* Ah yes, the white fur goes all the way around.
Trace: Ouch... And now, he seems pretty injured.

Kathrin: Why, hello, Mr. Trace. I am a servant of my master, Eric. I have finished preparing your bath. Shall I stay and help you? You'll find that I can provide you with a variety of... services.
Flora: Hey, you hussy! Back off, he's mine! Right Trace? ...Trace?
Trace: ...
Flora: Oh, quit gawking! You don't know where she's been.
Kathrin: Hey! You don't have to be rude...

[Natani accidentially walks into Keith's bath... unclothed]
Keith: G-geh... You... *looks at Natani's chest* You're a... *looks between Natani's legs* You're a woman!?
Natani: *frantically covering up* What? No I'm not!
Keith: Then why do you have—
Natani: They're both lies! I'm a male! ...Shut up!

Master Seer: What are they doing now?
Seer Girl: *watching through eyes of a cat* They've just boarded the ship, Father.
Master Seer: Good, keep a watch on them. Be sure to get abord as well.
Seer Girl: I will, Father.
White "Cat": *to Seer cat* Hey there, Templar Kitty. Why don't you take a break for a while? Follow Lady Nora...
Seer Girl: F-Father! I... I can no longer control him.
Master Seer: What? Why?
Seer Girl: He was ambushed by... a talking cat... They're doing bad things now...

[Natani's bandages rip while he spars with Keith]
Mike: <W-what just happened? Did he... just become a she? Did the Basitin do it somehow?>
Evals: <It must be black magic...>
Keith: *thinking* Uh oh, they saw... black magic? Hm... Worth a shot... *stalks over dramatically* <Yes...! I used my dark Basitin magic to turn him into a woman!> Or something... <So... go away! Or... I'll do the same to you!> I guess...
Evals: *flees* <Every man for himself!>
Mike: <Please, have mercy! We will go! We will go! You do not know what Master Eric would do to us if you did!>
Keith: Well... that's something I never wanted to think about.

I've heard word that you know some... Basitin magic...? If it's true... Hey, wait... where are ya going? Change Mike! I need a new fox girl!
Eric, Page #340

Trace: *thinking* Bah, I just don't understand enough of this magic... I need to remember...
Nora: *in his head* Why?
Trace: Why? Because if I don't Flora will die in only a few years...
Nora: Is that all...?
Trace: Well... part of me really wants to know more about my past, too.
Nora: Look at what you're doing. You're fighting to extend Flora's life, so you can spend more time with her later. Yet by working too much, you're wasting the time you have with her now. The future is never certain. Enjoy the time you have in the present.

Flora: Let's look around, Trace!
Trace: What do you want to look for?
Flora: Food! Good food! I'm sick and tired of the ship's meals! I want fresh meat! Still bleeding! Mmm...
Trace: Heh, that's... disturbing.

Guard: Well, there's something you don't see very often... A dragon bathing in the harbor. *to Nora* Excuse me, Mister Dragon, Sir? Could you move a little to the side, please?
Lady Nora: That's "Miss Dragon, Ma'am." And why should I move aside for you? *blows smoke at him*
Guard: Well, it's not as though we could make you move... However, you are blocking some of the fishing boats from entering and leaving. It's just a request. We'd appreciate it if you could.
Lady Nora: *thinking* Hmph. This is why I do not like the Basitins. At least Humans and Keidran have the courtesy to run away screaming at the sight of me.

Trace: I wanted to ask yo more about my past. Who I was and what I did. [...] Was I really as bad as they all say? I want to know why I built those towers... Why was I trying to instigate a war?
Lady Nora: I'm under orders not to tell anyone about anything you were doing! And to make sure nobody asks... *blows smoke at his face*
Trace: O-okay, then... Ah... who ordered you to do that?
Lady Nora: Why, you did, of course.

...You were quite clueless when it came to attracting a woman's attention. You tried several indirect methods, including... "fighting" a dragon for her honor... [...] Okay, in hindsight, maybe it wasn't such a good idea to stage our fight in the Grand Templar's front lawn. [...] After paying for the damages and swearing not to destroy the academy for a third time, you finally worked up the nerve to actually talk to her. Amazing how much better that worked...
Lady Nora, describing Trace's attempts at wooing Saria, Page #405

I can't be nervous, not now! Not when I'm so close! I j-just have to try and... imagine he's in his underwear! That's supposed to help... Alright! Here goes! *bursts in* K-Keith! You probably don't remember me but I— *notices he's naked* ...o-oh no! I... I imagined too hard!
Laura, Page #415

Innkeeper: Ehem! Do you two mind? Physical contact is prohibited by law, and I won't have it in my tavern! And ignorance of the law is no excuse! If you feel you simply must... touch one another, you can do it in your own rooms!
Flora: Aw, come on! Laws about how we dress... Laws keeping us here at the docks... Now laws against even touching?! What's with these people and all their rules?!
Innkeeper: No yelling!
Flora: ...Trace, smite him.
Trace: Wha—? Flora!
Flora: I know you can! Just set his pants on fire or something!

Eric: *kisses Laura's hand* <A pleasure to meet you!>
Laura: <W-what are you doing with my hand? Please don't eat me! I taste terrible, I swear!>

Don't you dare try to kill me, or yourself, or anyone else until we get out of this mess, you hear me?
Natani, Page #465

Natani: ...Are all Basitins insane by nature?
Flora: ...maybe...

Intelligence General: I have a proposition for you. If you are able to tell me any common knowledge I do not already know, I will allow you to pass. But if you cannot, you shall surrender, and tell me everything your friends are planning.
Eric: I suppose I don't have much of a choice... fine, a battle of minds it is. Ok. The capital of the Wolven Territories is—
General: —Karne, population 36000. You'll have to do better than that.
Eric: The first Great War ended—
General: — on March 1st of the second century, 181 CE.. If you could call that pathetic skirmish between you and the Keidran a "war".
Eric: ...erm... my middle name—
General: *smirking* —is Adrian; after your grandfather.

Natani: Wait here, Flora. I'll scout ahead. As an assassin, stealth and discretion are my speciality.
Young Basitin: {Hey, who are you?}
Natani: Damn it!
Young Basitin: {It's past curfew, and this is a restricted area! Oh, wait. You're the wolf I talked to before.} Remember me, from yesturday? I guess... you are here to save the human, yes?
Natani: Erm... how would you know that?
Young Basitin: I've been stalking you.
Natani: Oh... what?!

Karen: Augh... Come on... something... anything exciting happen...
Tom: *bursts in* Wolves are attacking the village! They're trying to kill everyone!
Karen: Hurray!

Great... where am I and how many people do I have to kill?
Natani, Page #538

Nora: Trace! You're back!
Trace: Yeah, well... As I was climbing down, I got to thinking... and I decided it wouldn't hurt if I stuck around a little while and kept you company. So... I decided to come back here.
Nora: Ah... Trace. That's so sweet.
Nora: You couldn't find any way off the mountain, could you?
Trace: Completely impassable.

Elder: How dare you blaspheme the law!
Keith: The law is not a religious doctrine! The laws were made to help us govern ourselves... but it's been left to rule on its own. Somewhere along the line, it's been twisted into... scripture! And it's used as an excuse not to think. I've had to see my family and friends die from this mind-set... but I can't stand by and watch it happen anymore!

Aster Alabaster: My Lady, you're okay!
Juror: We were told you'd been fatally wounded!
King Adelaide: Yes, I'd been told that as well. I chose to ignore it and continue living. The healers feared I would succumb to my illness without the healing properties of the tower. They were quick to assure everyone I had been killed in the blast, to ensure my death would be considered "honorable." Tragically, I survived.

On the 28th of August, Year 482, I, Lieutenant Madelyn Adelaide, witnessed a duel between Keith Keiser and Nickolai Alaric... and it was awesome! You should have seen it. At first, Keith was all like "oh noes!" but then he...
Note With Disturbing Number Of Hearts, Page #581

Captain: Trators! I knew it! We must stop them!
Horse: No... let them go. We must continue our mission.
Captain: Master Seer? But they may be spies...
Horse: They are of no consequence. Continue the march.
Captain: ...Very well. Alright, men, let's keep— Wait... Have... you been there this whole time?
Horse: ...
Captain: It's... rather awkward knowing I've been... riding you.

Flora: If I am pregnant... then how? And... what if Trace asks the same question? What if he thinks I... No! I can't think like that! And I can't hide it forever. I need to trust Trace! I have to work up the courage and just say... *loudly* I'm pregnant! And you're the only one who could be the father!
Mike: *walking by at that moment* Wha-? M-me?
Flora: Erk...! Not you!

Flora: Oh...! You weren't supposed to hear that! Please don't tell anyone!
Mike: Oh, heh... Don't worry about it. It's already forgotten.
Flora: Thank you! Actually, it's kind of a relief to let it out. You see, I don't even know if I'm pregnant or not. I've only been with Trace! And... Keidran can't have children with Humans, right?
Mike: I... I wouldn't know.
Flora: Humans and Keidran have lived together for hundreds of years! If it could have happened, it would've at some point, right?
Mike: I really just want to get back to—
Flora: But I've been having all these symptoms lately! Getting sick, eating more... *pulls up shirt* And look! Do I seem pregnant to you?
Mike: I - I don't know! Look, I really have too—
Flora: I thought I was just gaining weight at first. But then I felt something... Maybe it was my imagination. It's hard to tell. What if you feel it and—
Mike: Aaaaah!! I don't want to be involved! *flees*
Flora: Hey, wait! I need you to feel my belly!
Page #633 (Continuing from previous quote)

Mike: Natani... you've been a girl this whole time?!
Kat: Mike! Don't be so insensitive! You shouldn't call Natani a girl!
Mike: Huh? Are you seeing the same thing as me? She clearly has the body of a woman...
Natani: *thinking* Okay, snap neck at third vertebrae... Kat should be easy to strangle...

Mike: No, no, you don't understand, Kat! Natani's not like that! Weeell, he is in the wrong body. But not for the reason you think! It's the black Basitin magic! I saw it happen! Keith turned Natani into a girl weeks ago!
Kat: Whaaat? Keith doesn't seem like the kind of guy to do that! Why would he? Besides, Eric said Basitin can't use magic, or it drives them crazy!
Mike: Yeah, well... Keith didn't know that until a few days ago! And have you seen Keith lately? I think he has gone a bit funny. I know it sounds daft, but it's the truth! I know, because... he did the same thing to me.
Kat: What, really? You turned into a girl too?!
Natani: Wat

Kat: Ever since you rescued me from your brother, I've been grateful to you. You've always been so kind to me, but... I want to be more than just your servant.
Eric: Kathrin... I never thought... why haven't you ever talked to me about this before?
Kat: I- I don't know... Maybe I've been foolish. I think a part of me has always hoped one day... you'd care enough... That I wouldn't have to ask.

Allow me to introduce myself! The name's Madelyn Adelaide, but my friends call me Maddie Addie! Nice to meet 'cha!
Maddie, Page #655

Eric: Trace, I'm not sure if you're aware of this, but... Templar laws have, in recent years, made it a crime for slave traders such as myself to free our slaves voluntarily.
Trace: What? Why? What kind of evil person would make a law like th... it was me, wasn't it?

Zen: *sigh...* How did you manage to lose your clothes this time?
Natani: I don't know! This just seems to keep happening!

Maren: I still can't believe what happened. The village... the tavern! All gone.
Karen: But Sis, you always said you hated that tavern.
Maren: Well, yes, but it was MY tavern! It was our family's tavern! Our family name is Taverndatter, for crying out loud! Why, without the tavern, all I am is... Maren Datter!
[Database Error]: *Facepalm*

Raine: I know why you don't like Sythe, but all Keidran?
[Database Error]: You saw what they did to our village. They were killing an' burning everything in their path. That's always the kind of experience I've had with Keidran in my life.
Raine: ...Not all Keidran are like that.
[Database Error]: Well I guess I can't speak for them all. I just know I'll never be able to trust anybody with fur and a tail.
Raine: I see... Well I'm sorry you feel that—! *notices she's grown furry ears and a tail* Kyaa!
[Database Error]: Huh? What's wrong?!
Raine: I-it's nothing! Don't look!
[Database Error]: You yelled at nothing? Then why can't I look?
Raine: It's just that... My... um... my top came off!
[Database Error]: ...Kinda wanna look now.
Raine: No!

[Database Error]: You son of a bitch!
Sythe: Hey, leave my mother out of this!

[Database Error]: We're going to figure out what that assassin did to you, and get you back to your old self in no time. I'll force that fleabag to change you back myself! I won't allow you to be stuck like one of them!
Raine: H-hey, wait! He... he didn't do this to me.
[Database Error]: W-what?
Raine: I've always been like this. This form... it's a part of who I really am.
[Database Error]: *incomprehension* *dawning horror* Oh no! It's already started to affect your mind! Raine! Remember who you were! You were a human, not this... hideous beast!
Raine: Hideous?
[Database Error]: Are... are you remembering? Why are you crying?
Raine: Sorry. I... I always knew I looked ugly like this. But it... still kinda hurts hearing someone say it out loud.
[Database Error]: Now hey, w-wait a minute, I didn't mean... you don't look... that bad. I mean... you... You look pretty good! Ya know, for a lady with the face of a dog.
Raine: *cries harder*
[Database Error]: No, no, wait! That came out wrong too!

[Database Error]: High Templar Euchre... is a Keidran? But... that... High Templar Euchre is... a High Templar! That can't be true! Raine is a Keidran. Euchre is a Keidran. Who else is a Keidran?! Is the Grand Templar a Keidran? Was King Torval a Keidran? Am I a Keidran?! It can't be, I would know! What kind am I?!
Raine: Huh? Hey, relax, relax! You are not a Keidran! Nobody else is a Keidran, okay, It's just me and my father.
Sythe: And me. Still Keidran over here.

Raine: I — I'm sure this must be weird for you. I'll understand if you don't want me around you anymore. I know how much you hate Keidran.
[Database Error]: Well, hey now! I never said I... hated Keidran, necessarily.
Raine: No, I'm pretty sure you did. In fact, I think it was just the other day...
Flashback [Database Error]: Tch, Keidran! I hate them all. Why can't the Templar just get rid'a the lot of them?
[Database Error]: Well, okay! I said that. But... I, uh, didn't really mean it...
Raine: Uhhh...
Flashback [Database Error]: I really mean it! Every last one of them. Especially the wolves!
[Database Error]: Okay, okay! Damn it, past me, stop making current me look bad.
[Database Error]: Alright... yes, I admit it, I've never liked Keidran. They're always, ya know... burning down my whole village and stuff like that. But I don't hate you personally, Raine. I guess you can't really help being what you are, can you?
Sythe: Hey, what about me? I can't help being a Keidran either, but you still act like a jerk to me over it.
[Database Error]: No one cares about you, Sythe.
Sythe: *sigh* I know...

Damn it, Keith. After I finish saving your life, I'm going to kill you for this.
Natani, Page #733

Flora: ...Say, Trace.
Trace: Hm?
Flora: Have you ever thought about... having kids?
Trace: K-kids? Er... no, I... hadn't really considered it. Honestly, I kinda figured "no kids" was a foregone conclusion once I decided to start dating outside of my own species, you know?

Trace: I think I'd probably be the worst father ever. I have about six months worth of life experience and about two decades worth of stuff I can't remember. Everyone in the world either hates me for things I did or wants me to go back to the way I was before. Including an evil black smoke hallucination which I think might be my past self trying to reassert itself. So yeah, I'm not exactly father material—
Flora: Wait, wait, back up. "Evil black smoke hallucination?"

Trace, you promised not to freak out. I consider falling unconscious to be a form of freaking out. ...Trace?
Flora, Page #738

Flora: It's such a relief to finally be open with you again, even though I'm still unsure how it's possible. I think the stress was starting to make my fur fall out. ...Or maybe I'm just shedding my summer coat. Either way, it was making a mess of our bed.
Trace: Yeeeah, I wasn't going to mention it...
Flora: And speaking of the bed, I'll finally be able to sleep without wearing this thing! I can't tell you how frustrating that's been! With our fight on the island, and then me avoiding you ever since, it feels like it's been forever since we just... Just... Actually, know what, Trace? Bed sounds pretty good right now. I think I'll head back there now.
Trace: Huh? but it's still morning. We just got up two hours ago.
Flora: Suit yourself. But if you need me, you'll know where to find me. On the bed.
Trace: ...Oh. Oh!

Maddie: Hey there, Mr. Wuffypants! Watcha doin'?
Natani: Wha-?! Who are you?! Where did you come from?
Maddie: Don't you remember? We've met twice before. I'm Lt. Madely Adelaide! But you can call me Maddie for short. Or Madness for long!

Flora: You're right, Trace. Let's just enjoy the peace we have right now. I'm just glad there's nothing else for us to be worried about.
Flora: Why! Why did I say that out loud?!

Mike: *to Flora* I meant to say earlier, but I see you decided to open up about the baby. Congrats!
Kat: Wait... what? *turns to Flora* You're pregnant?!
Flora: You mean you... really didn't figure that out already?, surprise?
Evals: Dang it, Mike! *dopeslap*
Mike: Yip!

Natani: If it weren't for that helmet, the day we first met would have turned out much differently. I would have aimed my arrow at your head. I, um... regret the whole... trying to murder you thing, by the way.
Keith: It's okay, Natani. We're even, since I did try the same thing at the inn. ...Granted, I stopped intentionally, whereas you failed due to incompetence.
Natani: ...Regretting it less now.

Keith: There's something I've always wanted to ask you, Trace.
Trace: Hm? Me? Sure, what?
Keith: What's the deal with that blue triangle you have on your face? Is it some kind of Templar tattoo? Birthmark? A magic seal, maybe?
Trace: ...What blue triangle?

[Database Error]: What are you working on?
Raine: *sigh* Well, since I'm no help to the girls, I figured I might as well try and see if I can fix this thing. It's just a crack, so hopefully it won't be impossible.
[Database Error]: Oh, I thought you said it wouldn't help?
Raine: Maybe not with this situation, but... Well, right now it's my only hope of being human again.
[Database Error]: Oh, gotcha. I can see why you wouldn't want to look like that any longer than necessary!
Raine: ...
[Database Error]: Er, I mean-! Not that there's anything wrong with... how... Wow, this stuff really does just fall out of my mouth, doesn't it?

Raine: I can't believe you two planned that whole fight back there!
Sythe: Yeah, well I can't believe it actually worked. I was sure Red's acting would give us away.
[Database Error]: Pretending to be angry at a Keidran wasn't exactly a challenge. *proudly* Besides, back when I was a trainee, I was in the Templar theatre troupe!
Sythe: Yeah, well... wait, what?!
[Database Error]: What?
Sythe: The Templar had a theatre troupe? And you were in it?!
[Database Error]: Yeah... why?
Sythe: Well, it's just... you don't seem like the type, is all.
[Database Error]: Hey. I love the theatre. You better not be dissing it.
Sythe: No, no, I was just... you know what, nevermind.


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