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"Best. Show. Ever! The hero chases this serial killer, John Mirra, and in the end he's in this insane asylum toilet, and he looks in the mirror, and he sees the killer there. See, he's in the John and he looks in the mirror, so it's like John Mirra, and he's the killer himself!"
"Hey! I haven't seen it, now you spoiled it, thanks a lot."

"I kind of hate twist endings and, if someone were foolish enough to give me despotic powers over all fiction, I would impose a ten-year moratorium on them along with creepy children and procedurals with social misfit lead characters."

"Wasn't that great? And, as an added twist, I am just three ducks in a man costume. [long pause] Good night folks!
Twist Ending Montage Presenter, Robot Chicken

"What the hell?"
Solid Snake reacting to the ending of Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty

"Who, what, where, how?"
Daffy Duck, The Junkyard Run

"Where on Earth are we?"
Cletus, Cartoon Monsoon: Edgar and the Voyagers


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