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Quotes / 20 Minutes into the Future

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"So, fifty years from now, it'll be three years from now."

"Smash TV takes place in the grim, cold future of 1999, only a few short years after the conquest of Earth by the New Order Nation."

"In a few scenes that seem like they’re writing prompts for a class on slash fanfic, Professor X tells Jubilee about how he met his handsome young friend at a hospital 'after a war'... I really do like that Xavier keeps things vague about this war, though. It allows for that experience to form the basis of their friendship without having to pin the characters to a particular date. Even though Magneto works best as a Holocaust survivor, tying him to a particular date limits what you can do with him. If it’s just 'a war,' it can be anything, and we have no shortage of wars and atrocities that can keep Magneto as young as a story requires.

That got awfully depressing. Let’s just move on."
Chris Sims on X-Men, "Enter Magneto"

"Stop! I'm You from the future!"
"The future! *Looks at future self* Aww man, I got fat."
"Like an hour into the future."
"Oh. *Looks at himself* Oh..."
Future TomSka and Present TomSka, TomSka (Pizza Time)

He said, "I've been to the year 3000!
"Not much has changed, but they lived underwater."
Busted, "Year 3000"


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