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"I've been dreaming of a True Love's Kiss
And a prince I'm hoping comes with this.
Giselle, Enchanted

Sweet princess
If through this wicked witch's trick
A spindle should your finger prick
A ray of hope there still may be
In this, the gift I give to thee
Not in death, but just in sleep
This fateful prophecy you'll keep
And from this slumber you shall wake
When true love's kiss, the spell shall break
For true love conquers all
Merryweather and chorus, Sleeping Beauty

"True love's kiss can break any curse."
Queen Regina, Once Upon a Time

[Axl Heck kisses Lexie Brooks when she answers the door]
Axl: Wow. You really need to brush your teeth.
Lexie: Oh, God.
[She runs, but he pulls her back to him]
Axl: I don't care.
[kisses her again]

Echo: I remember. I remember everything! He's not the one I'm supposed to be with! I love you!
Adam: I love you too!
— After kissing Adam Young restores Echo Zizzleswift's memories of him, Mr. Young

Hans: What happened?
Anna: Elsa, she struck me.
Hans: You said she would never hurt you!
Anna: I was wrong. She froze my heart, only an Act of True Love can save me.
Hans: A true loves kiss.


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