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In short, I truly believe (I should've put this bit sooner because it's the closest I'm going to get to sounding intelligent) that there is a spectrum of anti-intellectualism. On the one end, you've got, well, anti-intellectualism. "Boo! I don't want to have to think about things in my games! I just want to shoot some people and then get told that I'm the best person ever, and all games should be like this!" But the other end of that spectrum isn't happy, enlightened people who appreciate games with loftier goals than just 'fun'; that would be near the middle. The other end of the spectrum is "You pathetic babies, you play games for fun? You intellectually-starved cretins. I wish you at least had the intelligence to realise how much smarter I am than you, because while you're playing Mario or Pac-Man, I’m over here at the grown-ups table playing an RPG Maker game about the Holocaust."
The Dopefish, in his review of Spec Ops: The Line

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