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Egoraptor: What the fuck?! No one told me there were BOMBS there!
Meryl: (bored) Hey Snake there are bombs there.
Snake burnt to a crisp: Aw thanks, bitch.

I hate knowing I'm going to die, over and over and over again, and the only way I can beat it is by dying over and over and over again and remembering what killed me and trying not to do it again — but the first time I'm going through, I'm fucked! Something's gonna shoot out of the wall or something's gonna break, or I'm gonna get shot with something. Something's gonna fuck me, and I— [gets killed by spikes shooting up out of the moving platform he's on] LIKE THAT! THAT WAS IT! MOTHERFUCKER!
Michael Jones, Rage Quit, about 1001 Spikes

"It only short jump. You go first."
"Hmm ... we go different way now."

It sounds evil, but some challenges simply cannot be completed without trial and error. Do not worry though, real game overs do not exist anywhere in this game, so do not be afraid to be maniac!
The tutorial for Sonic Erazor

See, in Alien³ you have the following — you control Ripley, crawling around in dungeons trying to rescue prisoners. You have a time limit to do so, and three lives. However, there is nothing resembling a map to the prisoners. Thus it is basically impossible to do any given level on the first try. Only when you die are the locations of the prisoners uncovered in an excessively long sequence of watching their guts explode.
Dr. El Sandifer on Alien³ (NES)

My tether, it transpires, stretched as far as the scrapyard level where—after laboriously luring away a veritable dogpile of enemies one-at-a-time for a "struggle, snuggle" each, and then not saving the game—I walked blissfully onto a featureless section of ground and was instantly killed by a landmine.

Well, Dex, as I once said to a member of staff at Seaworld as they informed me of their policy on inappropriate dolphin contact, "I know when I'm not wanted."

Wow. How complicated can it be for an Atari game? Let alone that this is one of the few Atari games you can actually beat, whereas most of them are just about trying to get a high score—and when I say "it can be beat," that's hypothetical because honestly I think it'd be easier to find the real lost Ark! Just the fact that you have to feel around secret passage ways and stuff it makes you feel like...Indiana Jones.

Well, it got me there.

Derek: Pokémon Snap is not a game about "getting good pictures", but about doing right by Oak....His criteria is unpredictable and at times feels arbitrary, like, ARE YOU SERIOUS?? THAT'S THREE DITTO AND ONE OF 'EMS STRETCHING! WHAT'S WRONG WITH YOU.
Prof. Oak: Hmm... it's not very good.
Stop Skeletons From Fighting, "Whatever Happened to Pokémon Snap?"


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