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Rocket: So, dead brother, huh? Yeah, that can be annoying.
Thor: Well, he's been dead before. But this time, I think it might really be true.
Rocket: And you said your sister and your dad-
Thor: Both dead.
Rocket: But still got a mom, though?
Thor: Killed by a dark elf.
Rocket: A best friend?
Thor: Stabbed through the heart.

Subaru: So, is the plot going to kick in anytime soon?
Crusch: Does suffering count as plot?
Subaru: No...?
Crusch: Too bad!

"The hand of God has touched me. Look at me!
Every hope I ever had,
Every task I put my mind to,
Every work I've ever done
Annulled as though I had not done it.
My trace extinguished in the land,
My children dead, my father's name
Obliterated in the sunlight everywhere...
Love too has left me."
J.B., J.B.

Brockwell: For such a big bloke, you're a bit timid.
Bran: Forgive me, my lord, but I have been slaughtered in battle, immersed in a witch's cauldron, then recruited into an army of the dead where my soul was cast into a dark abyss! And upon my return to life - which I am extremely grateful for - I've been confronted by a dragon, dragged into Annwyn and bitten by an air elemental! So aye, I'm feeling rather more battered and wary than I was at dawn yesterday.
This Present Past, by Traci Harding

Eugene: How are you doing?
Rapunzel: [Beat] How am I doing? Okay, let's see, um: I found out my father's been lying to me for months. A secret squad of guards hunted us down in the dead of night. Oh, I destroyed my childhood home and most recently I committed treason while helping an extremely unstable alchemist steal the most powerful object in the Seven Kingdoms. But enough about me, let’s talk about you. How are you doing?

Stressors are not courteous; one stressor does not leave because another one arrives. Stressors add up. The cumulative effect of minor stressors can be a major distress if they all happen too close together.
FM 21-76 US Army Survival Manual


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