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"More! You cannot stop the oncoming storm! So many lines! It's like Studio 54 there's so many lines going on! You see that? Bam! Right there! Pieces locked in perfectly! I am perfect and flawless like an AI! Look at that! Logically-placed! Thinking of the future! A solid strategy! I'm talking shit with Tetris! You got nothing! Man, I'll play this in a park and I'll take your money! What's this? Uh! Drop a line! I don't even need to see where it goes! I know! I just know where it'll fall! BAM! Trash talking' chess! You got nothing! What, what? This is MY house! MY immaculately-constructed house! Blocks are going everywhere, lookithat, drop right down! I’m keepin' even lines, no holes! No holes, unlike Your Mom! BURN! Lookithat drop, oh, oh, oh, oh, BAM! You gonna let me talk to you like that? Yeah you are, because you’re my BITCH! My Tetris bitch!"
pipes!, Freelance Astronaut, during Tetris multiplayer

"Wow, it's almost like I'm a seasoned warrior and you two are glorified pickpockets! Imagine that!"
Belkar Bitterleaf humiliating the elite of the Thieves' Guild, The Order of the Stick

"I haven't had a fight this easy since Grandma rescued that feral kitten. Don't feel bad though, Fluffyluffykins was pretty tough for a four-week-old."
"Hm, you guys would make good practice for my little sister. Actually... nah. Five-year-olds tend to get bored quickly when there's no challenge for 'em, you know?"
"Hm?... Oh sorry, must've dozed off. Your fighting style will do that to a girl, y'know?"
Player character, Dead Metal

"You bowl like your momma. Unless of course she bowls well, in which case you bowl nothing like her."
—- Sheldon Cooper, The Big Bang Theory

"Faker? I think you're the fake hedgehog around here. You're comparing yourself to me? Ha! You're not even good enough to be my fake."
—- Shadow the Hedgehog, Sonic Adventure 2

Kondou: I never imagined that the enemy captain is an old man. But we won't go easy on you. Let's settle this!
Binbokusai: What are you blabbering about? You don't stand a chance against me. I guarantee it.
Gintoki: Right back at you, old man. Don't you see? You're already trapped like a rat.
Tojou: No need to rush. We'll slaughter you later. But first thing first...
Everyone: Someone, please bring us toilet paper!

"Are you guys talking to me? I mean you see me? I can talk trash to people and even touch them. To be alive is a wonderful thing!"
Yusuke Urameshi, Yu Yu Hakusho

Jasmine: I'm gonna knock you outta your panties, babe.
Kara: Glad somebody reminded you to wear yours.

Jesus Quintana: You ready to be fucked, man? I see you rolled your way into the semis. Dios mio, man. Liam and me, we're gonna fuck you up.
The Dude: Yeah, well, you know that's just, like, your opinion, man.

Rex: Your costumes are atrocious.
Rex III: Your so-called pig looks malnourished. What do you feed the little runt?
Gerald: You walk like you've got an umbrella in your pants!
Phil: You couldn't catch this pig if your life depended on it, you broken-down old fossil!
Hey Arnold!, "The Pig War"

Satan Girl: It'll blow us both to bits if we touch any substance there without force-shields or matter-conversion. I can just wait you out. You'll come back, or you'll be atomized. Either way, I win.
Supergirl: Oh, will you? I thought for certain that you wanted to tear me apart with your own hands. Except it hasn't been that easy, has it? Maybe you're just not up to it, after all... since you're just a pretty pathetic copy of me.
Satan Girl: YOU...

Vegeta: Oh-ho-ho, this is precious! You expect to beat me with this automaton o' fun?
19: Registering Insult. [beep beep beep] Retort: You are short and your hairline is receding.
Vegeta: Ooh-hoo-hoo-hoo-hoo, scathing.

Melone: You can't defeat my stand, Babyface
Bruno: More like Gaybyface
Melone: You have defeated me.

Face me if you dare, stunted whelp, or do you lack even an Elven maid's courage? I thought the Sons of Grungni were great warriors, but perhaps you are no true Dwarf. Indeed, maybe you are instead some breed of bearded goblin, though in truth, I have seen a finer beard on a Troll's back-side.
Wulfrik the Wanderer to the Dwarf king Thurbad Stonebeard, Warhammer Fantasy


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