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In the past, armies were created for bloodshed. Armies were trained to destroy. Armies were built to be expendable for a cause. In the past, armies meant war.
The time has come for a change.
This army prepares not for destruction, but for creation. This army trains not with weapons, but with imagination. We are engaged not in a war of fear but in a war against fear. And together, we can fan the burning flames of passion, talent, vision and creativity in a cold world.
The Army of the Toy Soldiers is meant to embrace, with encouragement and fun, the positive aspects of this sad human species, for without creativity, we are a useless animal indeed.
- Dr. Phineas Waldolf Steel, at the creation of, March 4, 2006

You see, this is not just some product, some manufactured brand. No, this is a movement, to which my Toy Soldiers will attest.
The Army will grow until it cannot be ignored. The people are hungry for change, and they will have it!
With continued support, and the vision of making fun the top priority, we shall transform this world into a Utopian Playland!
- Dr. Steel, "Building a Utopian Playland"

The [Toy] Soldiers are tapping into their own, unique talents and this is what the Army of Toy Soldiers is truly about. The goal is to be able to access that spark of creativity inside yourself and find inspiration in manifesting your own creation. A Utopian Playland has already begun to manifest, for these brilliant individuals have taken the time to change their patterns of a “normal” life and do something from a place of inspiration.
- Dr. Steel, Aether Emporium interview, August 29, 2007

The world is in the process of becoming a Utopian Playland with each and every Toy Soldier who places imagination and creativity at the forefront of their minds. Taking over the world is as much an internal conquest as an external one and through the unified field we see a change in global consciousness. A world "make over" is already occurring.
- Dr. Steel, Behind the Goggles: The Unauthorized Biography of Dr. Steel


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