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"You built an empire beyond imagining. The pinnacle of human achievement and the envy of the world. Did you think it would last? The eternal city. That glorious monument to power, culture and learning. But the Old Wolf lies wounded; surrounding by jackals; circled by vultures. Worried to death by a thousand, tiny vicious mouths— brought low by your own arrogance. These are the death throes of Rome. The light of civilisation dims and gutters. And if such precious time was left to hide your women, for your children to cry, even at the moment of your final defeat you would still take no comfort in oblivion. For I am coming for you. I RIDE WITH A MILLION WARRIORS! I BRING THE END OF DAYS!!. I AM!! THE SCOURGE!! OF GOD!!!. And I will watch your world... Burn.
Attila, King of the Huns

"Death in battle?! THERE IS NO FINER ENDING!!!"
The Norse and Germanic tribes. All the time.

"The air was filled with smoke and blood."
The Narrator. All the bloody time.

"They made ready for war."
The Narrator. Again all the bloody time.

"And behold a red horse, and power was given to him that sat thereon to take peace from the earth."

"Grrrr!!! The red mist comes! Let me at them!!"
Flavour text to the Shieldbiter trait

"There have been many kings before you.
Men who rose from nothing, men who risked all that they loved —
to lead by honor and virtue, and inspire the common man.
Who gave you the right to rule?
It was you."
The Narrator of the Age of Charlemagne campaign

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