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Nellie: Go ahead and eat me. It is better than dealing with the harsh cruelty of the world… If you’re lucky, puma, a poacher will catch you and turn you into a fur carpet. Or maybe they'll sell you as a pet and you'll live caged and abused every day, alone, till you die. Maybe you'll even catch diseases that harm our pets today, like Feline AIDS. So eat me and look forward to your life. Who knows? Maybe I'll cause you indigestion.

The puma, creeped out, runs away. The Fun Bunch cheer while Nellie sighs.

Nellie: Life sucks. A lot.

—Nellie vs. puma from Julie the Explorer!

SG: Thank you so much for letting me use your computer, Julie.

Julie: No problem, Puddin. "You didn't look at my Word documents, did you?

SG: No.

Nellie: What's on them?

Julie: Oh nothing. Just my alien master's plans for world domination. And my GROCERY SHOPPING LIST!"

Julie: Some bacon, is all.

Bread, Eggs, Aliens from Drama Is Served


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